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Status & Plans on Undead

by Daihsan

Message 76 on The Adventurer's Bulletin Board

Currently, most the renovations to the undead valley section are complete, however the area is still being tested for challenge level, combat level, etc for high-mids to low-hms. Another point of review for the valley is to equip the monsters to provide limited loot and money. The size and number of monsters in the valley is, in my opinion, substantial for a good kill/xp area. The valley is going to be aimed purely at monsters with flesh and bones. One possibility is that zombies are going to leave a fleshy corpse instead of a bony corpses. The burial chamber (crypt 1st level) is aimed at more ghostly monsters for mid-hms. Loot is one of the considerations of review on the level as is limiting to number of monsters per room (not necessarily per chamber). Another possibility is adding loot considerations to the sarcophogi. It's possible that undead mages may be sent to the valley (albeit weakened) and a new unique monster added to the chambers. There are plans for another level added to the crypt which will focus more on shadow-like monsters and challenge players of mid to high-hms. The plans for this level are to add 'more-common' drops on higher level equipment and higher level players to give a good challenge. One of the base views of the undead area is to make escalating levels, with escalating challenges and escalating gear and to make it large enough to support multiple players at the same time. There WILL be more added to the area. Enjoy! - Dai

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19:15, Vaigday, Kortki 10, 171 AD.

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