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[04-20 14:42][Cleric]NEWS: Shaya is now level 5.
[04-20 14:44][Cleric]Shaya: mama????
[04-20 14:45][Cleric]Shaya: anyone?
[04-20 14:56][Cleric]Shaya: need help if anyone ever unscripts
[04-20 20:36][Cleric]Nova: welcome back
[04-20 20:36][Cleric]Shaya: thanks z killed my buzz
[04-20 20:36][Cleric]Nova: well, I have a pretty good buzz going
[04-20 20:37][Cleric]Shaya: well me too but he ust dampered it
[04-20 20:37][Cleric]Shaya: being a ou$$y
[04-20 20:37][Cleric]Shaya: Pu$$y
[04-20 20:38][Cleric]Nova: he just needs a hug
[04-20 20:38][Cleric]Shaya: lets find out
[04-20 20:38][Cleric]Nova: anyway, what where you trying to ask earlier
[04-21 07:16][Cleric]NEWS: Shaya is now level 6.
[04-21 07:16][Cleric]NEWS: Shaya is now level 7.
[04-21 07:30][Cleric]NEWS: Shaya is now level 8.
[04-21 07:49][Cleric]NEWS: Shaya is now level 9.
[04-21 12:35][Cleric]NEWS: Shaya is now level 10.
[04-23 13:44][Cleric]Shaya: mama??
[04-23 13:44][Cleric]Shaya: mama??
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03:09, Vaigday, Roki 15, 175 AD.

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