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[12-13 15:52][Monk]Icewolfz: your being concentraon so cant do anyting else, traget is floating so catn do much lese
[12-13 15:52][Monk]Icewolfz: far from perfect but it is unquie
[12-13 15:53][Monk]Morhe so a cleric could kill the npc causes prayers work.
[12-13 15:56][Monk]Morhe even if the room had a upper fly zone? cause fly up? Oo's a device rogue could mess up concentration.
[12-13 15:59][Monk]Icewolfz: there are alwasy ways to a point
[12-13 15:59][Monk]Icewolfz: granted it sa high rank so not much messes with ti
[12-13 15:59][Monk]Icewolfz: you have to recode the command it self to add any ways to interrupt it
[12-13 15:59][Monk]Icewolfz: ath te moment disturpt and ismarl ocmmadns probably work on it as long as it is before it lands
[12-13 16:02][Monk]Morhe disturpt & disturptcombo only works against Physical attack commands. cause Asp would have had a free for all against clerics and mages.
[12-13 16:06][Monk]Morhe plus it's a mental attack so nope. cause I stunned Sweeped that monk then bam he Dg me even stunned.
[12-13 16:06][Monk]Morhe I'll go there with as bait let her beat him up.
[12-13 16:07][Monk]Morhe Amazon
[12-13 16:07][Monk]Morhe mo just wants the tea pot.
[12-13 16:09][Monk]Morhe don't mess with it yet. I'll have to wait for morhe to test it out. since asp in a moron.
[12-13 16:10][Monk]Morhe sh
[12-13 16:13][Monk]Morhe wait.. it's pin and takedown. yet your doing damage..
[12-13 16:16][Monk]Morhe hrms sounds like there could be a sweeps/throws combo were the can throw a few elbows, headbutts, punch, hell even a knee to the head. like MMA.
[12-13 16:58][Monk]Morhe some how mixed brandy with special if you want to see.
[12-13 20:41][Monk]NEWS: Morhe is now level 41.
[12-14 10:59][Monk]NEWS: Morhe is now level 42.
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01:38, Vaigday, Kantki 5, 172 AD.

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