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[01-23 14:22][Monk]NEWS: Weezer is now level 60.
[01-23 14:24][Monk]Weezer: Uh, oops, just capped stat into wrong one. :/
[01-23 14:24][Monk]Weezer: Ahwell
[01-23 14:25][Monk]Weezer: I don't think it'll hurt too bad
[01-23 14:25][Monk]Weezer: A little more dex and less Wis then won't be a problem
[01-23 14:30][Monk]Icewolfz: can always adjust it next level
[01-23 15:17][Monk]Weezer: Nah I had some banked
[01-23 15:17][Monk]Weezer: Used 5 points at 5 a piece..went to wrong stat :/
[01-23 15:18][Monk]Weezer: Shouldn't be too bad, just means I'll have more dex and less wis
[01-23 15:18][Monk]Weezer: By legend.
[01-23 15:18][Monk]Weezer: Dex isn't a bad stat, just costly
[01-23 15:18][Monk]Weezer: So no biggie
[01-23 15:19][Monk]Weezer: Means less on the other stats I was gonna have
[01-24 19:09][Monk]Weezer: Do throws work on flying?
[01-24 19:09][Monk]Weezer: I would imagine it should if not, since you could easily grab them and throw them to the ground with a lot of force.
[01-24 19:10][Monk]Weezer: I can see sweeps not working
[01-24 19:44][Monk]Icewolfz: think i tdepens on teh command and its design
[01-26 09:58][Monk]Weezer: ogre tank all in the name
[01-29 15:47][Monk]Morhe shakes his head.
[01-29 15:49][Monk]Asp mobile has less lag.
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05:50, Lockday, Sartki 17, 173 AD.

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