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[11-26 14:59][Monk]Icwolfez: temping... very
[11-26 15:00][Monk]Icwolfez: need to see how x0rp8n does...
[11-26 15:06][Monk]Icewolfz: no clue it depends on your subs and skill #s
[11-26 15:07][Monk]Icewolfz: and ther are pros and cons to subbing
[11-26 15:09][Monk]Icwolfez: yeah
[11-26 15:17][Monk]Icwolfez: ponders
[11-26 15:24][Monk]Icwolfez: hey Icey.
[11-26 15:25][Monk]Icwolfez: what if rank G assail was in discipline as a build up for tigerfurry?
[11-26 15:25][Monk]Icwolfez: just a thought. nothing more
[11-26 15:27][Monk]Icwolfez: only due to asp not really using kicks and only assail or raptorstrike for punches
[11-26 15:29][Monk]Icwolfez: its changed due to idle fighting, and just tossing or sweeping mobs to reduce incoming damage, plus increase my own
[11-26 15:30][Monk]Icwolfez shrugs..
[11-26 15:31][Monk]Icwolfez: nvm i need to go over the skills and commands before whining..
[11-26 15:32][Monk]Icwolfez: yeah there something wrong. most likely im overly tired
[11-26 15:34][Monk]Xorpan laughs
[11-26 15:35][Monk]Xorpan: yeap I was confusing E rank 150 to G rank 250 * silly
[11-27 16:01][Monk]NEWS: Icwolfez is now level 31.
[11-27 16:01][Monk]NEWS: Icwolfez is now level 32.
[11-27 18:19][Monk]NEWS: Icwolfez is now level 33.
[11-27 18:44][Monk]Icwolfez: hrms..
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18:04, Vaigday, Kantki 5, 198 AD.

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