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[02-21 20:48][Fighter]NEWS: Zealot is now level 27.
[02-21 20:48][Fighter]NEWS: Zealot is now level 28.
[02-21 20:48][Fighter]Zanatos: wooo
[02-21 20:48][Fighter]Zanatos: go Z!!!
[02-21 20:48][Fighter]Zealot: Thanks, Big Z! :d
[02-21 21:12][Fighter]NEWS: Zealot is now level 29.
[02-21 21:22][Fighter]Zanatos: WOO HOO GO ZZZZ
[02-21 21:22][Fighter]Zealot: Z Power!!! :D
[02-22 22:43][Fighter]NEWS: Zealot is now level 30.
[02-27 15:29][Fighter]NEWS: Thimble has joined the fighters.
[02-27 15:40][Fighter]NEWS: Thimble is now level 2.
[02-27 15:43][Fighter]NEWS: Thimble is now level 3.
[03-02 12:03][Fighter]NEWS: Judge has joined the fighters.
[03-02 12:09][Fighter]Zanatos: Welcome To The Fighters Guild!
[03-02 12:10][Fighter]Judge: hi
[03-02 12:10][Fighter]Judge: not very busy here today
[03-02 12:11][Fighter]Zanatos: thats one of the things about this place...some people are on but Away from keyboard.
[03-02 12:11][Fighter]Zanatos: others Don't come on at all.
[03-02 12:52][Fighter]NEWS: Judge is now level 2.
[03-02 14:32][Fighter]NEWS: Judge is now level 3.
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18:37, Flameday, Ketralki 8, 187 AD.

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