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[11-10 10:40][Fighter]Zanatos: thats my story...and I'm stickin to it
[11-10 10:41][Fighter]Skud: paswrd 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6...
[11-10 10:47][Fighter]Skud: Hitler On thin Ice, History of the World part II (which never came out :(
[11-10 10:50][Fighter]Zanatos: never cared for Mel Brooks
[11-10 10:50][Fighter]Speedrun: I liked Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles pretty well
[11-10 10:51][Fighter]Skud: is Shocked!! even Young Frankenstein??!
[11-10 10:51][Fighter]Zanatos: I liked the cast just not Mel Brooks
[11-10 10:52][Fighter]Skud: ah yeah, That I understand.
[11-10 10:55][Fighter]Toot <Warrior Faerie> Howdy y'all!
[11-10 10:55][Fighter]Speedrun: Toot!!!
[11-10 10:55][Fighter]Toot <Warrior Faerie> Speedster!!
[11-10 10:57][Fighter]Toot: yeah l
[11-13 17:46][Fighter]Amazon: STURM!!! WOOHAH!!!!!
[11-13 17:47][Fighter]Amazon: miss you bro. Much love and fond memories.
[11-16 22:07][Fighter]Skud: opener.. opener. shield charge is an opener.. I shouldn't switch classes
[11-27 16:15][Fighter]NEWS: Draganis has joined the fighters.
[11-27 16:31][Fighter]NEWS: Draganis is now level 2.
[11-27 16:31][Fighter]NEWS: Draganis is now level 3.
[11-27 16:31][Fighter]NEWS: Draganis is now level 4.
[11-27 17:02][Fighter]NEWS: Draganis is now level 5.
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11:40, Vaigday, Kantki 5, 198 AD.

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