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[05-16 11:43][Newbie]When: It When Lei
[05-16 11:44][Newbie]When: Is there When Harry to?
[05-16 11:45][Newbie]Tyre: Well, When Harry came along things were looking grim. That was long ago though. About 5 minutes to be exact.
[05-16 11:45][Newbie]When: Harry dwarf?
[05-16 11:46][Newbie]Tyre: Did he scream something along the lines of 'But I'm Harrryyyyyyy!!! I can't die!! I've got so much to live forrrrRr....peuhhhhhh'?
[05-16 11:46][Newbie]When: Need rope for climb?
[05-16 11:47][Newbie]When: Sorry I dont understand what you mean
[05-16 11:47][Newbie]Tyre: No, and yes.. you can climb with the skill and use a rope I think.
[05-16 11:47][Newbie]Tyre: The dwarf you killed - I'm assuming..
[05-16 11:47][Newbie]When: big fall with dwarf almost kill
[05-16 11:48][Newbie]When: No killing dwarf fall down
[05-16 11:48][Newbie]When: Can unable climb
[05-16 11:52][Newbie]When: hobbit
[05-16 11:56][Newbie]When: Why cant go library
[05-16 11:58][Newbie]When: Sage no like When
[05-16 12:02][Newbie]When: ha ha ha Harry barkeep. so funny
[05-27 13:31][Newbie]Icewolfz: you get lost and kill is idle feel free to ask here
[05-27 13:31][Newbie]Icewolfz: or on chat
[06-03 14:16][Newbie]Zanatos: Welcome to the World of Shadowmud.
[06-09 17:09][Newbie]Icewolfz: any questions or need help feel free t oask
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09:06, Vaigday, Aenterki 20, 169 AD.

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