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[08-05 03:09][Newbie]Scoff: brb playing a board game with the kids!
[08-05 03:09][Newbie]Icewolfz: no k i am baout ot go myself sleep is calling
[08-05 03:09][Newbie]Icewolfz: in fact i think i wl disappear
[08-05 03:09][Newbie]Icewolfz: if you need help feel free to ask someone iwll unidle sooner or later
[08-05 03:09][Newbie]Icewolfz: if not you can ask me next time i login
[08-05 04:38][Newbie]Bragi: i... dont know
[08-08 18:50][Newbie]Icewolfz: need help or have questions feel free to ask
[08-10 10:51][Newbie]Eucalyptus: knife
[08-10 10:52][Newbie]Drazzi: hello
[08-10 10:52][Newbie]Eucalyptus: hello there
[08-10 10:52][Newbie]Eucalyptus: a cleric i think
[08-10 10:53][Newbie]Stryder: Can I help you?
[08-10 10:54][Newbie]Stryder: Do you want to be a cleric?
[08-10 10:55][Newbie]Drazzi: Hey Stryder, I am helping out :)
[08-10 10:55][Newbie]Stryder: Okay.
[08-10 10:55][Newbie]Drazzi: usually I'm a big ogre. >:)
[08-10 10:55][Newbie]Stryder: Ah.
[08-10 10:57][Newbie]Eucalyptus: Thank you for the offer to help, this is all very overwhelming
[08-10 10:57][Newbie]Stryder: You will catch on, and almost everyone here will help... if they aren't idle.
[08-12 15:29][Newbie]Icewolfz: need help or anyting feel free to ask
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13:08, Vaigday, Kepki 15, 170 AD.

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