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[07-25 15:04][Newbie]Icewolfz: there is also a coach that cost some copper that will take you to siva gates
[07-25 15:05][Newbie]Icewolfz: think it is just west of the 3 town guard post
[07-25 15:05][Newbie]Icewolfz: but there is no return coach
[07-25 15:05][Newbie]Inome: Yeah and the marshes have orcs which gave good xp... now I kill in rogue caves, east and down from north plains
[07-25 15:05][Newbie]Icewolfz: yeah orcs in marshes
[07-25 15:05][Newbie]Icewolfz: west mountains have ogres
[07-25 15:06][Newbie]Icewolfz: there is a small orc village somewhere
[07-25 15:06][Newbie]Inome: I'll look at it, thanks, now here is quite late :) I'll come back tomorrow, bye.
[07-25 15:06][Newbie]Icewolfz: saddly i dont know exact directions anymore i mostly go by landmarks or just hitting dead ends
[07-25 15:06][Newbie]Inome: Thank you for the lots of information.
[07-25 15:06][Newbie]Icewolfz: bye
[07-26 01:42][Newbie]Icewolfz: need anything before i logout?
[07-26 01:43][Newbie]Inome: Hi, now no, I'm just killing, but thank you.
[07-26 01:43][Newbie]Icewolfz: well have fun off to sleep
[07-26 01:43][Newbie]Inome: Thanks, good night.
[07-31 20:50][Newbie]Icewolfz: need help or have questions feel free to ask
[08-17 22:27][Newbie]Zemcove: hi
[08-17 22:33][Newbie]Suturb: if you need help, ask on chat
[08-17 22:34][Newbie]Icewolfz: need help or have questions feel free to ask
[08-17 22:35][Newbie]Suturb: Icewolfz being an immortal can't really help you like a non immy can.
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13:29, Vaigday, Altki 10, 177 AD.

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