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    Updated core id system to better handle when a word is both a noun and an adjective - Icewolfz
    Updated raw ores hsould offer more ids to make using them easier - Icewolfz

    Nettangle and vinetangle properly handle flying/riding when knocking to ground - Icewolfz
    Added held by and flying checks - Icewolfz

    Updated core holding checks to allow location based testing - Icewolfz
    Updated nettangle to use holding system similar to vinetangle - Icewolfz
    Updated food, drink and salv eto ave proper para/entangled/holding/busy checks - Icewolfz
    Updated bonus system to allow creators to set min/max ranges for % based bonuses - Icewolfz

    Updated all commands that using the holding system to set proper location flags - Icewolfz
    Fix clear any holds on steed when recalled or retreived - Icewolfz

    Updated core holding system to support locations - Icewolfz

    Added deathtrance for mind monks - Icewolfz

    Mportals handle stealthed, cloaked and invisinle people better - Icewolfz

    Fixes some typos and ranged throw checks - Icewolfz
    Fixed some ranged shoot checks - Icewolfz
    Fixed bugs in vinetangle - Icewolfz
    Adjusted how grappled factors in stats - Icewolfz

    Fixed issued where mortal blow message when a limb was severed was displayed to one losing the limb - Icewolfz
    Fixed issue of monsters stopping combat if player is disconnected and reconnects before timeout - Icewolfz
    Redid prevent death systems to allow prevent death system to kick in before killed by messages - Icewolfz
    Adjusted fatal check systems to correctly pass what limbs caused the death - Icewolfz

    Updated stat setter during login to allow leaving the word to out when adding points to stats - Icewolfz

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19:19, Vaigday, Kantki 15, 171 AD.

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