Monument ShadowMUD


    Fixed an issue where healing rates where not being set to whole numbers correctly - Icewolfz

    Fixed issues with idle combat when attack #s end up being - - Icewolfz
    Added bard subclass - Icewolfz

    Tweaked amnesia to maybe be better - Icewolfz
    Fixed an issue with ambush not correctly clearning - Icewolfz
    Kill command now properly checks busy state before allowing attack - Icewolfz
    Camouflage will now fail when attacked while it is on - Icewolfz
    Cleaned up advance room code to easier expand advanced checks if needed - Icewolfz

    Fixed issues with featherweight not correctly removing the mass when over - Icewolfz

    GMCP data now sends unquie id for monsters and party members to allow easier combat processing for clients that support it - Icewolfz
    Tweaked combat send data to try and improve combat bar updates - Icewolfz
    Web client status images have been optimized for file sizes to improve loading speeds - Icewolfz

    Updated core combat cleanup system to optimzing sending of removed monsters - Icewolfz
    Kill all now runs clean up systems right after to ensure all data is properly sent to clients - Icewolfz

    Fixed a bug in reversestrike not starting combat with 2nd target if not in combat - Icewolfz

    Fixed autoloading systems for random packs and bags - Icewolfz
    Fixed random backpacks creation when using custom nouns and adjectives - Icewolfz

    Updated core combat system to allow ambush to be notiifed when you are first attacked - Icewolfz
    Updated monster status update data sending for mud clients, this hsould fix wierd health bar issues for monsters in web client - Icewolfz
    Updated ambush to cancel if attacked first time - Icewolfz

    Metal fan/war fans can now be used to butcher - Icewolfz
    Added featherweight spell - Icewolfz

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10:40, Shadowday, Kepki 6, 168 AD.

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