Monument ShadowMUD


    Updated camouflage to not work when shadowwalking - Icewolfz

    Fixed a bug with drop when nothing to drop - Icewolfz
    Fixed issues with monster reaction system - Icewolfz
    Fixed changed wield in an attempt to make monster wield messages appear when they are first created - Icewolfz

    Fixed body description leaving out the word beard, reset your description at hte siva stylist to fix it - Icewolfz
    Updated crafter mesasge for learning commands - Icewolfz

    Fixed bug with vendors and dyanmic widths when inifity items are for sell - Icewolfz

    Update to core room system for look storage - Icewolfz
    Pariah no longer doubles up the name for area titles for mapper, rooms will update over time - Icewolfz
    Fixed bug n rafting system when name has color codes and no adjectives picked - Icewolfz

    Fixed bugs in deceive command that did not correctly add and remove adjustment amounts - Icewolfz

    Fixed bug in smelt that allowed combining differnt ores into 1 ore - Icewolfz

    All alcoholic drinks now have the booze and alcohol ids - Icewolfz
    Sacrament, soulwyne, spirtwyne, zaalbood, and bloodwyne now all add booze/alcohol ids - Icewolfz
    Updated vendor display list to dynamicly expand based on set display width and expanded the value column for larger values - Icewolfz

    Adjusted mgive and how mass is factored in - Icewolfz

    Lock/unlock no longer allow custom items to be used inplace of keys - Icewolfz
    Updated custom item crafting error messages to be bold and underlined for easier noticable - Icewolfz
    Elementalarrowstorm now uses elemental skill as primary with conjuring as alower secondary requirement - Icewolfz
    Added poisonarrowstorm for conjuror/necromancer - Icewolfz

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12:53, Vaigday, Roki 20, 166 AD.

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