Monument ShadowMUD


    Updated butcher/fillet ot have a max amt - Icewolfz
    Updated all mainland monsters to have a proper height setting - Icewolfz

    Add resonate rank h bard ability - Icewolfz

    Updated butcher and fillet amount formulas - Icewolfz

    Rearranged monk and mage halls in siva so they no longer overlap other rooms - Icewolfz

    Adjusted idle/gneric combat sp/mp cost and when ti is taken out - Icewolfz
    A message is now displayed to newbies that died and logged out - Icewolfz
    Added pray as a global action, you can now pray anywhere to return to life - Icewolfz
    Updated monster autoloot system to limit how many items they will loot from the room - Icewolfz

    Updated the core read system to be more standard and expanded to include all standard functionality - Icewolfz

    Update rewear to support all syntax - Icewolfz
    Fixed bugs in deathgrip when it fails as well as not doing damage on first contact - Icewolfz
    Fishing poles can now be wielded as basic staff - Icewolfz

    Updated parry, dodge, and elude to be started in the middle of combat command delays - Icewolfz

    Minor change to ores internally to make it easier to change bonuses at a later time if they need to be adjusted or fixed - Icewolfz

    Can no longer mgive to people in the creation setup - Icewolfz

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13:09, Vaigday, Kepki 15, 170 AD.

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