Monument ShadowMUD


    Shout now supports common language - Icewolfz
    Fixed bug in basic poleaxe pattern - Icewolfz
    Fixed minor bugs in the hm quest - Icewolfz

    Web client clean theme now has correct width when not in full screen mode - Icewolfz
    Fixed a bug in remote finger system - Icewolfz
    Offer now supports offering # of items, eg: offer 10 sword, would offer 10 swords - Icewolfz

    Fixed a bug in ship names with spaces in the wrong place - Icewolfz

    Added tension archery command - Icewolfz

    Updated slaughter command to add some power to offset the delay time - Icewolfz

    Updated holyweapon and elementalstrike to group all messages into one message for those not casting or holding the tiems - Icewolfz
    Updated poisonstrike to group all messages into one message for those not casting or holding the weapons - Icewolfz

    Look now supports me/myself as ids for easier looking at yourself - Icewolfz

    Web client now supports hidding right status bar display - Icewolfz
    Adjusted loginscript timing to try and clear actions per beat - Icewolfz
    Loginscript now supports mud side aliases and nicknames - Icewolfz
    Updated loginscript command to no clear when trying to display current, added clear argument to clear script - Icewolfz

    Fixed lassos and when player dies - Icewolfz
    Fixed more bugs in weather systems - Icewolfz
    Fixed bug in read systems - Icewolfz

    Adjusted resonate to be 1 round faster - Icewolfz
    Updated fireball settrap to not error when object is destoried when gotten and the monster is killed - Icewolfz

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19:43, Darkday, Kantki 4, 172 AD.

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