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[12-01 07:20][Rogue]NEWS: Paulus is now level 5.
[12-01 13:02][Rogue]NEWS: Dugir is now level 13.
[12-01 16:36][Rogue]NEWS: Dugir is now journeymanned in Acrobat!
[12-01 20:50][Rogue]NEWS: Pohaku has joined the rogues.
[12-01 21:00][Rogue]Pohaku test <==]÷÷*
[12-02 14:30][Rogue]NEWS: Paulus is now level 6.
[12-02 15:05][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> congratz <-{-
[12-02 15:06][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> so you know the otion guy in siva sells piotns that woork like newbie potions just more costly <-{-
[12-02 15:06][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> there is no method to replace rescue until level 20, at 20 you cna buy runic stones that work similar to rescue <-{-
[12-02 18:50][Rogue]Pohaku gratz on 6th level Paulus!! <==]÷÷*
[12-02 18:51][Rogue]Paulus: Thanks
[12-02 18:52][Rogue]Paulus: I think I might speed up to 10 and then try to skill up
[12-02 18:52][Rogue]Pohaku enjoy!! <==]÷÷*
[12-02 18:52][Rogue]Paulus: we'll see how i feel haha...i really want to get trip and dirt...
[12-02 18:52][Rogue]Paulus: and knee...those should speed my killing up a bit. i think
[12-02 18:52][Rogue]Pohaku gritty.. <==]÷÷*
[12-02 18:53][Rogue]Paulus: i need to figure out how i want to handle combat a bit more i think. i have a few triggers set up now, which work okay, but not sure if using them is the most efficient method or not
[12-02 20:29][Rogue]NEWS: Paulus is now level 7.
[12-02 20:54][Rogue]NEWS: Paulus is now level 8.
[12-02 21:12][Rogue]NEWS: Paulus is now level 9.
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13:12, Flameday, Altki 13, 192 AD.

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