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[05-22 20:19][Rogue]Kalhan: ooooo nodachi!
[05-22 20:19][Rogue]Brutus: so there will be nodachi to sell
[05-22 20:19][Rogue]Kalhan: just idly training skills up
[05-22 20:50][Rogue]Brutus: need anything?>
[05-22 20:51][Rogue]Kalhan: no but thanks for checking :)
[05-22 20:51][Rogue]Kalhan: just spamming poor enter to catch my subterfuge up XD
[05-22 20:51][Rogue]Brutus: I try to help less than 20 level persons in order
[05-22 20:52][Rogue]Brutus: so I just got fletch up to speed
[05-22 20:52][Rogue]Kalhan: ah :)
[05-25 18:18][Rogue]NEWS: William is now level 11.
[05-25 18:18][Rogue]NEWS: William is now level 12.
[05-31 12:39][Rogue]NEWS: William is now level 13.
[05-31 12:40][Rogue]NEWS: William is now level 14.
[06-01 08:21][Rogue]William: Welcome back.
[06-01 08:21][Rogue]Kalhan: thanks
[06-01 08:21][Rogue]William bows.
[06-01 08:22][Rogue]Kalhan: when someone does that it's really tempting to tip them over... :P
[06-01 08:24][Rogue]William laughs.
[06-07 08:32][Rogue]NEWS: William is now level 15.
[06-13 13:52][Rogue]NEWS: William is now level 16.
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04:08, Flameday, Roki 8, 176 AD.

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