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[12-12 11:40][Chat]Palias: I heard dying builds character.
[12-12 11:40][Chat]Tyre: He bought those holes in his soul from the store!
[12-12 11:40][Chat]Tyre: Cheater!
[12-12 11:43][Chat]Tyre: Two more, Two more, Two more!!!
[12-12 11:45][Chat]Palias: I lobsterrrr but nearly flounderrr.
[12-12 11:45][Chat]Warfarin: sounds like a fluke
[12-12 11:47][Chat]Warfarin: You made it!!!
[12-12 11:47][Chat]Warfarin: You can talk now while dead :)
[12-12 11:47][Chat]Drakuda: Oh
[12-12 11:47][Chat]Drakuda: Howdy
[12-12 11:48][Chat]Drakuda: I think it's time to stop dyin... ayerp.
[12-12 11:48][Chat]Drakuda: Booooo ooooo
[12-12 11:48][Chat]Drakuda: Boo OOOOOoOoOoOOgily Boo
[12-12 16:41][Chat]Stryder eyes Newt.
[12-12 16:41][Chat]Newt poses
[12-12 16:41][Chat]Newt: take a pic it'll last longer
[12-12 16:41][Chat]Newt: *8)
[12-12 16:41][Chat]Epic takes a pic.
[12-12 16:42][Chat]Epic becomes Epicpic.
[12-12 16:42][Chat]Newt: Epic's epic pic of the epoch!
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08:24, Flameday, Kortki 18, 172 AD.

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