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[03-17 21:17][Chat]Amazon: what isn't read these days by big brother
[03-17 21:17][Chat]Icewolfz: most are encrypted nwdays
[03-17 21:18][Chat]Amazon: well hindsight every time someone flies off the bbackswing and kills a bunch of people we hear 'the red flags were right there the whole time'
[03-17 21:18][Chat]Amazon: manifestos and whatnot
[03-17 21:19][Chat]Amazon: social media spiels
[03-17 21:20][Chat]Amazon: I'm the one stranger saying hi I love your (hair, shoes, shirt, hoodie, etc) and I actually mean it and maybe that simple act by everyone else too can change the world
[03-17 21:21][Chat]Icewolfz shrugs.
[03-17 21:21][Chat]Amazon: someone at walmart said I love your boots one day to me.. dont shrug like that
[03-17 21:21][Chat]Amazon: wym shrug
[03-17 21:26][Chat]Amazon hugs Icey and tackles him into a pile of stuffed animals.
[03-17 23:28][Chat]Amazon: my best friend lives in brooklyn which sounds close and isn't.
[03-17 23:36][Chat]Amazon: damn skippy
[03-17 23:47][Chat]Amazon: xith who
[03-17 23:48][Chat]Amazon: tryin to trap me in mid land bc I told bas where the bears shit in the buckwheat
[03-17 23:48][Chat]Amazon: how dare you they said.. I'm amazon he's a bully thats it
[03-17 23:50][Chat]Amazon: he really isnt plz help him and send the bill to me
[03-17 23:51][Chat]Amazon: where is the ck hideout anyway
[03-18 06:12][Chat]Shandia: 4 puppies still needing homes guys
[03-18 20:29][Chat]Amazon: need to talk to james
[03-20 11:13][Chat]False statements under duress..
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19:03, Darkday, Kantki 14, 200 AD.

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