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[01-16 21:49][Chat]Icewolfz: if your not doing nayting wrong you should have nothign ot hide
[01-16 21:50][Chat]Suturb: in all fairness, everyone that was fired, save scaramucchi, was indicted and either in prison, convicted, or awaiting sentencing.
[01-16 21:50][Chat]Icewolfz: letting thewm not appear maks it looks worse i think
[01-16 21:50][Chat]Icewolfz: i doubt he iwll be removed still as it will make rep look to bad
[01-16 21:51][Chat]Icewolfz: kinda hoping he wont be reelected this fall
[01-16 21:51][Chat]Icewolfz: but msotly depends on who runs vs him since no one can seem to decide there like 10 or 15 differnt people still
[01-16 21:51][Chat]Icewolfz: bloomberg even threw in his hat
[01-16 22:45][Chat]Nitupsar: night all.
[01-17 02:18][Chat]Icewolfz: later idlers
[01-17 02:18][Chat]Icewolfz: when in doubt You did it ;)
[01-18 20:48][Chat]Nitupsar: quiet night
[01-19 23:28][Chat]Icewolfz: putting in a minor updateo web client
[01-19 23:28][Chat]Icewolfz: in theory it should make marcos a little faster
[01-19 23:29][Chat]Icewolfz: as i added a new chaching system and some code stream lining to try and improve execution speeds
[01-19 23:29][Chat]Icewolfz: thos with a lot of macros may notice a speed up when using macros
[01-19 23:29][Chat]Icewolfz: least that is the goal
[01-19 23:29][Chat]Icewolfz: in my testing i only had a few macros but even i saw some #s changes, 12ms to 2ms
[01-19 23:30][Chat]Icewolfz: the first time use is always the slowest as it builds the cache but any addtion macro calls should in theory be faster
[01-19 23:30][Chat]Icewolfz: wrose case is it does nothing and i have to revert the changes
[01-19 23:32][Chat]Icewolfz: jimud will get simalr update next release
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10:36, Shadowday, Denki 11, 179 AD.

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