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[10-22 08:14][Chat]Disaster: that used to tick rogues off soooo much
[10-22 08:14][Chat]Morgan: he was all like, wait... what? you can do that?
[10-22 08:14][Chat]Disaster: especially in the days cloaking took you off the who list :)
[10-22 08:14][Chat]Morgan: said he felt violated
[10-22 08:14][Chat]Disaster: lol
[10-22 08:14][Chat]Disaster: just what was he doing in the shadows? hmmm?
[10-22 08:14][Chat]Morgan: oh nice, that was before my time
[10-22 08:15][Chat]Morgan: him, nova, and tao where on oz trying to get killed
[10-22 08:15][Chat]Disaster: sounds about right
[10-22 08:16][Chat]Morgan: they were getting ready to leave and nova couldn't see him on the ship
[10-22 08:16][Chat]Disaster: hehe
[10-22 08:16][Chat]Disaster: no man left behind!
[10-22 08:16][Chat]Morgan: so she invispurged and there he was
[10-22 08:16][Chat]Morgan: exactly
[10-22 08:25][Chat]Soraka: VIOLATED
[10-22 08:25][Chat]Morgan: well hello there. didn't see you sneak in
[10-22 08:25][Chat]Soraka: i was here the whole time lol
[10-22 08:25][Chat]Soraka: usually im online on some acct or other
[10-22 08:26][Chat]Soraka: just not always awake
[10-22 08:26][Chat]Morgan: same here
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16:33, Darkday, Praxi 19, 165 AD.

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