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[09-16 20:27][Chat]Icewolfz: its hard to get accurate #s betwene shared/paged/etc...
[09-16 20:27][Chat]Recluse: at least its grabbing and releasing the GPU memory dynamically, which it never used to do.
[09-16 20:27][Chat]Icewolfz: even windows taskmanger is not 100% accurate always
[09-16 20:27][Chat]Icewolfz: newer electrons use neer chrom which comes with better gpu updates
[09-16 20:28][Chat]Icewolfz: reason i try and keep updated as in theroy newer updats should be faster/maybe better mem
[09-16 20:28][Chat]Recluse: anyway, its no worse than it was a year ago. might be a little better.
[09-17 19:19][Chat]Xytras: great googly moogly
[09-18 22:18][Chat]Fizzle: oooo...reproduce
[09-19 20:51][Chat]Hiryuu: hello
[09-19 20:51][Chat]World
[09-19 20:52][Chat]Icewolfz: hmm think biggest change since last around has been red pains open
[09-19 20:52][Chat]Icewolfz: rogly 4800+ new rooms
[09-19 20:54][Chat]Hiryuu: oh shit recluse is on
[09-19 20:54][Chat]Icewolfz: idle
[09-19 20:54][Chat]Icewolfz: granted he was atcive eariler when i saw him while i chekced when doing other stuff
[09-19 20:55][Chat]Hiryuu: i didnt see the idle marker thats y i was like oh shiZ
[09-20 01:15][Chat]Hiryuu: well lets get lost and die
[09-20 13:27][Chat]Recluse: Sorry I missed everyone last night. Took a night off.
[09-21 16:32][Chat]Zanatos: Boss!
[09-21 20:11][Chat]Left: be back in a few.
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11:22, Shadowday, Ketralki 16, 184 AD.

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