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by Asp

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Ok 1st these attack will not work if you have anything wielded in your hands. Thus these are the Empty Palm style attacks. (Feintjab) ghostjab, whatever: helps with enemies that use dodging/blocking or disrupt type by feinting a attack then as enemy ? falls for it, which helps reduce, or frees monk from taking damage, then monk does a nerve attack, mid level damage, tho starts the empty palm style Debuff effects, this If it works. weakens def/attack Effects bless, buff, spirit, magical protection. In effect the Monk is pushing they're own spiritual, physical, and mental force against the enemy. So it's the knock on the door, it's a weak attack no penalty on cool down. (Rupture) is a double empty palm attack: higher hp, More Debuff weakening effects ( monk is pushing harder with mental/spiritual force ) no Nerve effects this is against the Organs of the body ( slow draining of the inter well ) best against high Str/Dex cause this reduces enemy SP regeneration and reduces SP. this is the door jam, after the knock. It's a crack in the physical, and mental well being of then enemy. (Furypalm) switch off with (Rupture) for the Int/Chr types (this style causes such intense pain) effecting the spiritual/magical may hurt a rogue type, tho do to they're training it wont slow them much, and a Fighter would think your trying to pick them up for a date. So use this door cracker against mages and clerics to weaken there ability to call forth they're power. Three Fingers (NO Weapons, NO FEAR!) feint, crack/jam the door done. Now we apply 3 nerve Destroying fingers to unhinge the enemy's body, mind and soul. This is a touch attack combo what you learned from feintstrike, furystrike (Double palm strike/Rupture) adds higher Debuff to added bless/buffs/magical protection. Yes folks this what a monk has been training and gaining experience for. Empty Palm Style is soft physically cause the force of the attack will pass through armor/blesses/magical protection. This attack focuses the mental/spiritual force of the monk. This is higher SP/MP debuff add Hp reduction to the pot. with three fingers your shutting down nerve bundles that keep the flow in the enemy's body from working Cracking DAT door open wider. weakening and Wreaking havok!! Like a monk should DAMNIT!! One touch: okay your need to have been able to land all the other attacks before you can even attempt this. Cause this is the BELL DOOR RINGER. You opened the enemy up to the.. Well most of your monk Force. Monk def is reduce for a given time. Can only do this attack every 5 minutes or 10 minutes yeah. This takes most of the monks SP/MP and some HP do to the all or nothing point to the attack. In effect the monk is directly attacking the, the.. the Whole being of the enemy. This tap on the head crushes the spiritual/magical/physical ripping the enemy's nerves body and spirit painfully giving the enemy a painful out the body experience. they get to see they're become a body smear on the ground. So just like that BOOOOOOM!!!! Empty Palm style is focuses on making it much harder for casters to cast, clerics prayers to be answered, fighters to bring they're brute force to bare, Rogues luck and quickness from stabbing and circling you all day. these attacks weakens, slows, debuff, debuff buffs, wrecks HAVOK on SP/MP, regeneration of SP/MP reduces the effectiveness of prayers, and castables. Why? WHY THE HELL NOT? Why the hell should I be debuffed, weakened, have my limbs writhered, hacked, my back Stabbed, blinded. yes we sweep, and stun. Great I want to Bring my wee lil hands upon the rock and to break it. How can someone break stone with their hands?! It's more than the physical body, It takes focus. It takes the Never Breaking thought you CAN DO IT! Faith in one self in the knowledge flesh can over come some F- up things. Look the last attacks from the other clans should deal with pushing the inter monk force outward more. Pain is something painful effects would only effect mages/clerics, rogue would only be slowed a bit, fighters due to training could resist more pain then most. What about monks? Adding Nerve damage weakening limb use, reducing someones ability to fight, think, focus is what we fight against. Right? blah I could go on and on.. I just want more freaking monks on.. Cuz Damn I so want to Bring my wee lil finger down upon the many Skulls just to see them go splat.. Yeah. All complaints and thoughts are welcomed, PLEASE note this is version 2, of this post.. So you better be happy I cleaned it up. The Nut Job, from the Nut farm Asp Torched.

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05:13, Darkday, Kortki 9, 171 AD.

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