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brainstorm #2

by Asp

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Kicks... Er hrms I'd like to say a few insane things: 1) I love, and loved playing a monk, It's sad that I have not been on to push more monkiness for our class. Which means any one who has played a monk can't add they're 2 coppers. 2) Monks should have an encumbrance armor limit, Heavy Armor is for fiter's always has been. Monks need to be free to move, flow with the dance of death of our enemies. I've been pretty much light and under, No I have not tested to see the effects of wearing heavier armor than Medium, cloth/leather/brig is what I've used. Yes you take more damage if enemies hit me, though that,s where our light encumbrance helps out to not be where the weapon is coming. *shrugs just a thought* C) er no 3) footwork footwork footwork, kicks should also have movement base attacks. ( One step ) Monk charges a group of enemies collides with body and force ( er Chai or whatever I wrote for punches ) Movement attacks may cause others in the group to collide with they're budies, may cause them to fall down, become dazed. 4)MOVEMENT ATTACKS!! dancing flower: increase def bonus... no know what? thats BS!! We've all seen many Martial art movies. the last one I saw made me laugh my ASP OFF, Kung Fu Hustle, take what martial arts has shown us and expand upon it. I don't I lost my Brainstorming juice or I'm exhausted with the knowledge that It will take monks a lot longer to iron out since as a class we're pretty much a Soloist class, we bring mass sweep. that's it we are not group Friendly, I don't have a clue to change that without adding magic, or faith. The only thing I can think of is if a group of monks were to party together watching each others back should be able to shut down anything that comes our way. WHY??? You have each monk able to deal with maybe 3 enemies at one time flipping through the group of enemies, anyway it's a pipe dream though we as class should be the a fiters and rogues Wet dream to Party with cuz we Drop Dem, rock Dem while the Fiters And rogues are free to Deal FULL bonus damage cuz the enemy is(will be unable to defend themselves?) well thats how it works out on paper. Monk plus High Damage dealer ='s MASS Death.. or it use to. From your Friendly neighborhood Nut case from the Nut farm.

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06:33, Darkday, Kortki 9, 171 AD.

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