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Okay after talking it out, anything that is stealth base is a no go. no monk ninja. so I'm more inclined to think trickery. look as I looked at the monk subclasses from DND e5 I thought, I would like some of the ideas for here. though! I mainly thought, hell I'd want all of my skills and monk abilities, attacks, enhancements from Shadowmud. monks here do a lot more than table top dnd monks can. there's a few things id do like from dnd, wholeness of body self heal hp wisdom bonus plus level worth once a day after a long rest that would be nice though only once a long rest sucks. So level 50 meditation increase recovery regen is what I'm getting for that the mobility skill to move a cross any fluid instead of swimming? I'm thinking 2 rooms at max even if it was possible i could go on, though It'd be wasting our time. there for I would like to offer this trickery subclass would fall more in line towards a drunken monk idea. where attack and counters would effectively be the base of the subclass combos that used throws stuns, feints combos that multiply damage over time. joint locks, nerve strike to reduce opponents resistes, and hampers opponents over time ability to dish out damage plus all the staggering, tumpling around reduces chances of specials landing. yes i know our skills and abilities that we have now. there are a few that need changing. Purge should be a passive immunity to poisons and toxic substances so good by to FUBAR. drunken monk is a style of fighting not being drunk. Now purge would change to at 1st reducing mental, physical, spiritual effects like Mezzed, paralyzed, fear, corruption, stun, blindness casted or prayed (not dirt) or blind folded) To the point where monk can end the effects. oh yeah and slow. this means even the prayers and enchantment for shield, strength, quicken. cause as a monk at higher levels above 50 you should be working tirelessly at perfecting yourself. The darth vader, or deathgrip freaks me out. and yes The way im thinking purge works should work on removing it. Dang I hit the wall! yeah okay I am sorry if i started rambling. As always Asp Torched, the Kilted monk

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17:23, Vaigday, Altki 5, 172 AD.

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