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[12-26 22:27][Chat]Hiryuu: evening
[12-26 22:28][Chat]Evening: hiryuu
[12-26 22:28][Chat]Hiryuu: awesome evening is on
[12-26 22:29][Chat]Awesome: where?
[12-26 22:34][Chat]Kill: Hey Hiryuu :)
[12-26 22:35][Chat]Hiryuu: hey kill
[12-26 22:36][Chat]Elmer dressed as a viking sings: kill de ogre! kill de ogre!
[12-26 22:36][Chat]Kill the ogre, yeah!
[12-26 22:36][Chat]Elmer dressed as a viking runs around a spear stabbing kill in the rump!
[12-26 22:36][Chat]Kill feels a light massage in his gluteal region.
[12-26 22:37][Chat]Kill bugsslaps Fudd.
[12-26 22:37][Chat]Icewolfz:
[12-26 22:37][Chat]Icewolfz: that is one fat horse
[12-26 22:37][Chat]Icewolfz: yo know i dont know of any cartoons that take clasical music and work around them any more
[12-26 22:39][Chat]Hiryuu: bugs as a conductor of the orchestra was great
[12-26 22:39][Chat]Hiryuu: cant think of any modern cartoons that really do that
[12-26 22:40][Chat]Kill: ...
[12-26 22:40][Chat]Icewolfz: most cartoons in the last decade kidna went blah
[12-26 22:40][Chat]Icewolfz: dont even have good art any more
[12-26 22:40][Chat]Icewolfz: current trend semsot dumb down the art
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11:43, Darkday, Kantki 19, 166 AD.

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