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[12-20 11:51][Chat]Morhe pulls a total Matrix move, & slides up to Amazon and kisses her. Then tumbles away
[12-20 11:52][Chat]Amazon huggles Morhe... you're so cute.
[12-20 11:53][Chat]Morhe gratz Amazon level 49
[12-20 11:53][Chat]Amazon: thanx
[12-20 11:55][Chat]Morhe gratz Amazon level 49w
[12-20 11:55][Chat]Amazon: trying to keep up
[12-20 11:55][Chat]Morhe silly
[12-20 13:36][Chat]Palias: Hey, if I am getting a message that I am feeling clammy, or weak, but I don't have a poison, what might be wrong with me?
[12-20 13:36][Chat]Amazon: go to medic and diagnose
[12-20 13:36][Chat]Amazon: cursed maybe
[12-20 13:37][Chat]Palias: Will do, thank you.
[12-20 13:37][Chat]Amazon: i can help u get there
[12-20 13:38][Chat]Palias: Hmm, I have a parasite.
[12-20 13:38][Chat]Amazon: pull off leech?
[12-20 13:38][Chat]Icewolfz: mosquito
[12-20 13:39][Chat]Icewolfz: belave you can drop or smack/squish it
[12-20 14:34][Chat]Kill: Hail Brutus!
[12-20 14:34][Chat]Brutus: Afternoon.
[12-20 14:35][Chat]Brutus: I just hopped on for a minute from work.
[12-20 14:35][Chat]Kill: cool :)
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04:46, Darkday, Ketralki 4, 173 AD.

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