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[01-30 20:08][Chat]Lynxo: When I was younger (better eyes) I would shoot 800 with iron sights.
[01-30 20:09][Chat]Lynxo: the Echo target (500 yards) is 20 inches wide and about shaped like a man from the waist up.
[01-30 20:09][Chat]Lynxo: So... 20 wide and 36 high... ish... except smaller at top because just a head, not a body.
[01-30 20:10][Chat]Lynxo: Look up USMC Echo target.
[01-30 20:10][Chat]Lynxo: It has been a WHILE.
[01-30 20:11][Chat]Lynxo: For rifle now, I use the 100 yard target out to 450. But.. my groups are 6' ish... from the prone on a 10 shot group wih the Model 7.
[01-30 20:11][Chat]Lynxo: The standard Boy Scout rifle target... at 4.5 x the range it is designed for.
[01-30 20:12][Chat]Lynxo: Make sense?
[01-30 20:14][Chat]Lynxo: But... work EARLY tomorrow. Good night all.
[01-30 20:14][Chat]Lynxo waves.
[01-31 15:20][Chat]Lynxo: Z!
[01-31 15:20][Chat]Zanatos: Where ?!?!
[01-31 15:20][Chat]Lynxo grins.
[01-31 18:07][Chat]Lynxo: welcome back
[01-31 18:07][Chat]Recluse: linkdeath will be the death of us all
[01-31 18:07][Chat]Lynxo: Indeed...
[01-31 18:08][Chat]Lynxo: Welcome back.
[01-31 18:08][Chat]Nova: thank you, its good to be back.
[01-31 18:08][Chat]Nova: nice to see you too
[01-31 18:08][Chat]Lynxo: Likewise. RL is playing hell on me these days.
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11:45, Darkday, Sartki 9, 167 AD.

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