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[10-07 12:33][Chat]Kill: I also got 2 fraud calls about people who claim to have fixed my computer and wanted me to dl a program on there :)
[10-07 12:34][Chat]Kill: and one guy from the government who wanted to give my mom $9000 just for being an awesome citizen!
[10-07 12:35][Chat]Brutus: Good afternoon.
[10-07 12:35][Chat]Kill is so glad he has a healthy distrust of people. :)
[10-07 12:35][Chat]Kill: et tu, brute!!!
[10-07 12:35][Chat]Brutus: Nova got here first, but was asleep by 7:45
[10-07 12:35][Chat]Why: Oh wow, everone on is awake!
[10-07 12:36][Chat]Brutus: I've been awake, but working on laundry, lunch etc.
[10-07 12:38][Chat]Kill: oooo.oooo.oooo.
[10-07 12:38][Chat]Kill: Icey? Can you bring back nonsense languages?
[10-07 12:39][Chat]Icewolfz: no
[10-07 12:39][Chat]Icewolfz: mostly becuae irather not have people hjavin 20 million langauges and eatting up space
[10-07 12:39][Chat]Kill: awww
[10-07 12:39][Chat]Nova: Spam! Spam! Spam!
[10-07 12:39][Chat]Icewolfz: got no idea where igot half the crap i got myself
[10-07 12:39][Chat]Kill: how about we petition for them and are approved on a case by case basis? :)
[10-07 12:39][Chat]Icewolfz: well most of the langueas are rpish
[10-07 12:40][Chat]Icewolfz: so if you wnat more langs that gotta fit in with that
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17:14, Vaigday, Praxi 5, 165 AD.

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