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[04-28 13:19][Chat]Uxue: I mean as an elementalist.
[04-28 13:20][Chat]Uxue: oooo maybe a pillar of flame that changes color
[04-28 13:20][Chat]Icewolfz: only notes i hav are for some hs and a rank j
[04-28 13:20][Chat]Icewolfz: got elemental prison
[04-28 13:21][Chat]Icewolfz: basically like lemntalwall but you trap people for a period of time
[04-28 13:21][Chat]Icewolfz: leaast thats the ideas i hd in my notes
[04-28 13:21][Chat]Icewolfz: eg elementalprison fire [target]
[04-28 13:22][Chat]Icewolfz: granted complex code which keep me from coding it
[04-28 13:23][Chat]Icewolfz: i had the pillar idea
[04-28 13:23][Chat]Icewolfz: i dont know when i will get around to coding them
[04-28 13:23][Chat]Icewolfz keeps getting sidtracked/lazy
[04-28 13:24][Chat]Kitten distracts Icey
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07:07, Flameday, Roki 8, 176 AD.

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