Monument ShadowMUD


[02-11 18:41][Chat]Icewolfz: overall it should make mines and pariah smarter and harder
[02-11 20:19][Chat]Leona: ah kk
[02-11 22:11][Chat]Leona pats xanros on the head and thanks him for minding the shop.
[02-11 23:58][Chat]Alatar: anyone alive and well ?
[02-11 23:59][Chat]An old man coughs up blood then falls over dead.
[02-11 23:59][Chat]Alatar: An - you never party with me to help me
[02-12 00:00][Chat]Leona is told that you get more xp alone than with party
[02-12 00:00][Chat]Icewolfz: partying offers xp bonuses
[02-12 00:00][Chat]Icewolfz: you get 15% for each party meber over 1
[02-12 00:00][Chat]Icewolfz: plus you can in theory kill fater
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05:40, Flameday, Altki 13, 195 AD.

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