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[09-14 15:26][Cleric]NEWS: Null has joined the clerics.
[09-14 18:21][Cleric]NEWS: John is now level 94.
[09-21 19:28][Cleric]NEWS: John is now level 95.
[09-29 13:08][Cleric]NEWS: John is now level 96.
[09-30 15:33][Cleric]NEWS: Khiara is now level 75.
[09-30 17:09][Cleric]NEWS: Khiara is now level 76.
[10-02 08:51][Cleric]NEWS: Khiara is now level 77.
[10-12 07:15][Cleric]NEWS: Nova is now level 84.
[10-12 15:26][Cleric]NEWS: Nova is now level 84.
[10-14 10:46][Cleric]NEWS: Nova is now level 85.
[10-14 14:34][Cleric]NEWS: Nova is now level 83.
[10-17 15:27][Cleric]NEWS: John is now level 97.
[10-20 18:04][Cleric]John: Well, protection tops out at H right now... just sayin..
[10-20 18:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: not sure it would bea good protection
[10-20 18:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: granetd a verion of it as a protection with a good name/use
[10-20 18:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: i was thinking mist and such
[10-20 18:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: that fits proabaly more nature then protection
[10-20 18:05][Cleric]Icewolfz: as your more chaning your body and not really 'protecting'
[10-20 18:05][Cleric]Khiara: Hrmm wonder if I get rank g
[10-20 18:05][Cleric]John: True... maybe a knowledge... battlelore or something...
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09:34, Shadowday, Kepki 6, 168 AD.

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