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[03-25 19:02][Cleric]Recluse: I thought of it when *someone* fell asleep and idle died one time.
[03-25 19:02][Cleric]Icewolfz: most of the time it would be theier own fault
[03-25 19:02][Cleric]Recluse: yup
[03-25 19:02][Cleric]Icewolfz: picutre people like null...
[03-25 19:03][Cleric]Recluse: but I thought you might let that fly. I knew a remote offensive ability would be out of the question, like mrapture
[03-25 19:03][Cleric]Icewolfz: yeha no reote combat other hten at most 1 room
[03-25 19:03][Cleric]Icewolfz: and even then not to high ranked
[03-25 19:04][Cleric]Recluse: you might extend the reach of mshield ?
[03-25 19:04][Cleric]Recluse: based on skill perhaps ?
[03-25 19:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: doubtful
[03-25 19:05][Cleric]Icewolfz: discord in
[03-25 19:06][Cleric]Icewolfz: this prayer als ohas a new experimental way alignment is factored in
[03-25 19:06][Cleric]Recluse: shoot. I was hoping for two rooms away, to avoid those monsters that track two rooms
[03-25 19:06][Cleric]Icewolfz: let me know how the new preayer goes
[03-25 19:06][Cleric]Icewolfz: may nee ot adjust strength and duration
[03-25 19:06][Cleric]Recluse: ok onw to phaedur
[03-25 19:07][Cleric]Recluse: wow I just got a case of the Icewolfz typing there.
[03-25 19:07][Cleric]Icewolfz: right now it maxea t 5% pen that can last u pto 450 seconds
[03-25 19:07][Cleric]Icewolfz: err 100 secons
[03-25 19:07][Cleric]Icewolfz: so about a min and half duration
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10:28, Shadowday, Aenterki 11, 174 AD.

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