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[08-18 12:11][Cleric]John: Ah...
[08-18 12:11][Cleric]Icewolfz: eg you cast yourp aryer for 100 mp but if it didnt steal more the n100 it would be sorta a crappy prayer
[08-18 12:11][Cleric]John: I was thinking you CREATE the weapon.... it steals it, like the black macew
[08-18 12:11][Cleric]Icewolfz: well clerics arnt really creators likes mages
[08-18 12:12][Cleric]Icewolfz: they basicly call to gods and the gods do things
[08-18 12:12][Cleric]Icewolfz: so more lmited then mages that way
[08-18 12:12][Cleric]John: True, but a KNOWLEDGE cleric might have a magical bent from their studies... that was my reasoning.
[08-18 12:12][Cleric]Icewolfz: true
[08-18 12:13][Cleric]Icewolfz: probaby alredy ahve simalr prayers ot holymight
[08-18 12:13][Cleric]John: Oh?
[08-18 12:14][Cleric]John: including the ATTACK boost?
[08-18 12:14][Cleric]Icewolfz: grantd not sure if ther are any dual boosters
[08-18 12:14][Cleric]Icewolfz: well attack might not be worth it as much for a cleric ot boost
[08-18 12:14][Cleric]John: Well, for a combat cleric, maybe...
[08-18 12:15][Cleric]John: Being protection and combat subbed, I actually MELEE quite bit.
[08-18 12:15][Cleric]Icewolfz: best ot aim for something that helps cleric + others
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19:15, Vaigday, Kantki 15, 171 AD.

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