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[11-16 21:17][Fighter]Icewolfz: overdraw replys on the archer skill
[11-16 21:17][Fighter]Icewolfz: while shoot i beleave just uses genreic missle
[11-16 21:18][Fighter]Icewolfz: yeah overdraw uses attack/archery skill
[11-16 21:18][Fighter]Icewolfz: hwile shoot uses missle skill
[11-16 21:18][Fighter]Icewolfz: as shoot is the generic mud wide command
[11-16 21:18][Fighter]Icewolfz: and your missle skill is higher then your archary skill so thats why shoot is better
[11-16 21:18][Fighter]Icewolfz: yeah some skilsl cna be harder to raise ten others
[11-16 21:19][Fighter]Icewolfz: depending on subs and other things
[11-16 21:19][Fighter]Shador: and I find it funny that wielding bow raising double wielding skill
[11-16 21:19][Fighter]Icewolfz: forexample if you choose to subclass as marksmen your skill will upgradet o 5 pts a level and proabaly be easier to raise
[11-16 21:19][Fighter]Icewolfz: well it can be used a sa staff as well
[11-16 21:19][Fighter]Icewolfz: as most vows are well just curved staff shape
[11-16 21:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: so you can use a bow in place for a staff in staff abiliesi beleave
[11-16 21:20][Fighter]Shador: yeah but double wielding = two weapons.. bow use both hands so just one weapon
[11-16 21:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: or a blunt
[11-16 21:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: i may have added custom code for bows due to the unquineess
[11-16 21:20][Fighter]Shador: ah gotcha
[11-16 21:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: htat or its a bug
[11-16 21:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: i spent a lot of time on bow/arrows
[11-16 21:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: this is liek the 3 or 4th version
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19:22, Vaigday, Kantki 15, 171 AD.

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