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[11-16 21:28][Fighter]Shador: rogue is nasty!
[11-16 21:28][Fighter]Icewolfz: yeah they are well rogues ;)
[11-16 21:28][Fighter]Shador: it somehow disarm me and stole my bow ha
[11-16 21:28][Fighter]Icewolfz: dirt/knee
[11-16 21:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: it kneed you i teh groin
[11-16 21:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: and depending on the mosnter they are smart enough to try and grab weaposn
[11-16 21:33][Fighter]Icewolfz: hmm bows should not train double skill
[11-16 21:34][Fighter]Icewolfz: unless using a double wield abiltiy
[11-16 21:34][Fighter]Icewolfz: like doublehit
[11-16 21:34][Fighter]Shador: which you can't when wielding bow
[11-16 21:34][Fighter]Zanatos: doublehits the line
[11-16 21:34][Fighter]Icewolfz: yeah
[11-16 21:34][Fighter]Icewolfz: overall there could be a bug if your trainig double wilding with ab ow
[11-16 21:38][Fighter]Shador: sleep time.. thank again for all help
[11-16 23:19][Fighter]Zanatos: doublehits the line
[11-17 07:11][Fighter]NEWS: Shador is now level 8.
[11-17 08:54][Fighter]NEWS: Shador is now level 9.
[11-17 11:43][Fighter]Shador: get shield, protect and buffer or just buffer?
[11-17 11:43][Fighter]Valhal: just buffer
[11-17 11:43][Fighter]Valhal: ooohhh..hold on too...I'll bring someone to help you with quicken and giantstr :)
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19:11, Lockday, Praxi 17, 172 AD.

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