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[10-16 23:23][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 39.
[10-16 23:43][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 40.
[10-17 10:42][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 41.
[10-17 11:41][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 42.
[10-17 12:45][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 43.
[10-17 14:38][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 44.
[10-17 14:39][Mage]Why: congrats!
[10-17 14:39][Mage]Rhexx: Thanks
[10-17 16:04][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 45.
[10-17 16:53][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 46.
[10-17 19:15][Mage]NEWS: Rhexx is now level 47.
[10-23 15:09][Mage]Why: so I'm guessing elementalhaze is a resistance against ALL elements at once?
[10-23 15:11][Mage]Icewolfz: see help
[10-23 15:11][Mage]Icewolfz: its basically the same as resistall for clerics
[10-23 15:11][Mage]Why: what i figured
[10-23 15:13][Mage]Why: how nice, my protection spell wears off seconds after i learn Buffer!
[10-25 15:00][Mage]NEWS: Starfox is now journeymaned in Planeswalker!
[10-25 15:05][Mage]Icewolfz: dont forget your mai nand other 2nd
[10-25 15:59][Mage]NEWS: Starfox is now level 11.
[10-26 19:36][Mage]Mordin: hello
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19:18, Lockday, Praxi 17, 172 AD.

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