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[07-01 00:11][Mage]Icewolfz: and xith decided not ot bring hte mud back
[07-01 00:11][Mage]Freg: yeah, i came back around 2005. the crash happened, i gave it a year and then thought it was done
[07-01 00:11][Mage]Icewolfz: then some other had a mud they played
[07-01 00:11][Mage]Icewolfz: or started
[07-01 00:11][Mage]Icewolfz: then around 07 dusk and some other sstarted this one
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Freg: xith! that's the name i couldnt remember
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Icewolfz: think dusk, kataro, terok, mop, and af ew others
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Icewolfz: granted mop left not ot long after
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Icewolfz: dusk is busy so only pops on rare
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Icewolfz: terok is about the same
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Freg: mop and i started roughly the same week back in 1995
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Icewolfz: kataro pops in every so often
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Icewolfz: mop designed teh command system
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Icewolfz: at leat the first version
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Icewolfz: current comamdn system is frankenstien
[07-01 00:12][Mage]Icewolfz: a mix of mop's kataros' and my code
[07-01 00:13][Mage]Icewolfz: i recdoed seveal aprts by now and added tons of new feateurs
[07-01 00:13][Mage]Freg: damn, so you never even knew deathball
[07-01 00:13][Mage]Icewolfz: nope but i made my own version!
[07-01 00:13][Mage]Icewolfz: its at he siva area
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05:13, Lockday, Altki 7, 171 AD.

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