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[05-30 09:42][Mage]NEWS: Azeritsche is now level 11.
[05-30 19:23][Mage]NEWS: Sadiki is now level 4.
[05-30 19:23][Mage]Alya: good job Sadiki
[05-31 08:46][Mage]NEWS: Azeritsche is now level 12.
[05-31 10:09][Mage]NEWS: Azeritsche is now level 13.
[05-31 15:28][Mage]Alptraum: hee hee hee
[05-31 15:28][Mage]Aiwe snickers
[05-31 15:28][Mage]Alptraum: highest mage I ever leveled..
[06-01 08:20][Mage]NEWS: Azeritsche is now an Elementalist!
[06-01 14:06][Mage]NEWS: Freaknoir is now level 89.
[06-01 14:50][Mage]NEWS: Freaknoir is now level 90.
[06-01 14:53][Mage]Harry: Freak Nasty!!!
[06-01 14:53][Mage]Harry: Kick that booty!
[06-01 14:54][Mage]Freaknoir: Yo!
[06-01 15:59][Mage]NEWS: Enter is now level 76.
[06-01 16:15][Mage]Freaknoir: Congrats!!
[06-01 16:16][Mage]Enter: Thanks Frx. :)
[06-01 16:16][Mage]Freaknoir: Was afk planning our daughter's graduation/going away party that is happening this Saturday.
[06-01 16:16][Mage]Enter: wow, sounds like a bittersweet time ahead for you
[06-01 16:17][Mage]Freaknoir: Indeed. We have her for a month after Saturday and then she goes to Basic Training for the Navy. Super proud, but yes, bittersweet.
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19:26, Lockday, Praxi 17, 171 AD.

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