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[03-31 21:24][Monk]Icewolfz: ?
[03-31 21:25][Monk]Asp grins polearms hae past my test.
[03-31 22:13][Monk]Asp peers at collide... hrms
[03-31 22:25][Monk]Asp you know what.. I haven't used crane, dragon, ,mantis, ,monkey, & serpent in like ever
[03-31 22:26][Monk]Asp might have to check them out again
[03-31 22:40][Monk]Asp Bows his in thanks at the return of a faithful warrior of realm
[03-31 22:41][Monk]Asp 120 polearm
[04-01 06:47][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 25.
[04-01 08:48][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 26.
[04-01 10:11][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 27.
[04-01 10:11][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 28.
[04-01 11:02][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 29.
[04-01 11:27][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 30.
[04-02 01:09][Monk]Durant: halflings rock!
[04-02 01:09][Monk]Asp dworf/humi
[04-02 01:09][Monk]Asp dworf yeah humi I dont know.. =P
[04-02 01:10][Monk]Asp thinking about trying a dworf monk
[04-02 01:10][Monk]Asp oh yeah..
[04-02 01:10][Monk]Asp: MOnKs Durant.. cuz he's on
[04-02 02:04][Monk]Asp loves fury
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08:57, Vaigday, Kortki 15, 172 AD.

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