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[10-14 15:25][Newbie]Icewolfz: help abilities
[10-14 15:26][Newbie]Icewolfz: you will have to find teachers to learn spells
[10-14 15:26][Newbie]Icewolfz: the core magic teacher is in the mage hall
[10-14 15:26][Newbie]Icewolfz: he teaches all low level spells and then all core magic abilites
[10-14 15:26][Newbie]Icewolfz: as you level your skill maxes will raises
[10-14 15:26][Newbie]Icewolfz: you can train your skilsl eitherby spending raw xp or by using spells that require that skill
[10-14 15:27][Newbie]Icewolfz: so you can pick, some like only to raise using use and just uses the spells that train the skill, some like to go faster and just uses xp to train them
[10-14 15:27][Newbie]Icewolfz: every tiem you level up you your max skill will raise up to allow more training
[10-14 15:28][Newbie]Icewolfz: help advance
[10-14 15:28][Newbie]Icewolfz: to read about leveling up
[10-14 15:28][Newbie]Icewolfz: mos spelsl are one a scaling system
[10-14 15:28][Newbie]Icewolfz: meaning your current skill elvel will determing how successful or how powerful the result is
[10-14 15:29][Newbie]Icewolfz: spells have differnt scaliens meaning some will max out after around 15 levels of skill, while otehrs scale up higher toward legendary
[10-14 15:29][Newbie]Icewolfz: spellsa re groupd by rank that give a general idea of the power of a spell
[10-14 15:29][Newbie]Icewolfz: rank a are newbie level
[10-14 15:30][Newbie]Icewolfz: rank b are around level 5ish
[10-14 15:30][Newbie]Icewolfz: rank c is around leve l10ish
[10-14 15:30][Newbie]Icewolfz: rank d is around 20
[10-14 15:30][Newbie]Icewolfz: but that is not set in stone as skills have differnt maxes so you may need some higher then otehrs to gain an abilitiy
[10-14 15:30][Newbie]Icewolfz: and subclassing will effect how high skills are as wlel but you will not need to worry about that until level 10
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12:52, Vaigday, Roki 20, 166 AD.

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