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[07-27 17:50][Rogue]Phreako: wtg
[07-27 17:50][Rogue]Hiryuu: i was sitting on 40k exp
[07-27 17:51][Rogue]Phreako: lol
[07-27 17:51][Rogue]Hiryuu: 30k*
[07-27 17:51][Rogue]Phreako: dayum
[07-27 17:52][Rogue]Hiryuu: been taking a little advantage of the rescue
[07-27 17:52][Rogue]Phreako: yeah well i didnt know i lose it after lvl 5..
[07-27 17:53][Rogue]Phreako: leveled up to 7 in one go
[07-27 17:53][Rogue]Hiryuu: ive been trying to max my skills befor i advance
[07-27 17:53][Rogue]Phreako: ditto
[07-27 18:02][Rogue]Phreako: got this new sword of a red daemon and its awesome
[07-27 18:04][Rogue]Hiryuu: nice
[07-27 18:05][Rogue]Hiryuu: need to get compare
[07-27 18:05][Rogue]Phreako: yup. warriors can
[07-27 18:12][Rogue]Hiryuu: so can rogues under streetwise level c command
[07-27 18:12][Rogue]Brutus: not sure I understand your question.
[07-27 18:13][Rogue]Brutus: skill 100 will get you level D
[07-27 18:14][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> rank are just a wordy way to show skill range <-{-
[07-27 18:14][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> help commands <-{-
[07-27 18:14][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> rank c is around 50ish skil lrequirement <-{-
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05:04, Lockday, Altki 7, 171 AD.

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