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[11-22 11:59][Rogue]Intoll: Doing less damage
[11-22 11:59][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> hmm damge should be better as yo ulevel <-{-
[11-22 11:59][Rogue]Intoll: What took one cast at 36 to kill 3 things in a room now takes 2
[11-22 11:59][Rogue]Intoll: And sometimes now 3 casts
[11-22 12:00][Rogue]Intoll: Yes, That's why I'm bringing this up Ice
[11-22 12:00][Rogue]Intoll: It's getting worse
[11-22 12:00][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> well some things are random hps <-{-
[11-22 12:00][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> so its not an exact sciene on #s <-{-
[11-22 12:00][Rogue]Intoll: I didn't change a thing on my side
[11-22 12:00][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> i iwll look when i get some time <-{-
[11-22 12:00][Rogue]Intoll: I go with faeriespeed, tune and battlehymn
[11-22 12:00][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> not saying its you its prbabloy some wierd math rounding issue <-{-
[11-22 12:00][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> think this is the first command i added a damge bonus too so it could be finding new bugs <-{-
[11-22 12:08][Rogue]Intoll: I know you have a lot going on... but realistically, a higher version of feedback high rank would solve it instead of messing with feedback so much. It's OK how it is in the realistic sense, it just bothers me that it gets weaker, which I think is broken. I've been using it for a while now and noticed it through hours of play.
[11-22 12:08][Rogue]Intoll: From about level 20-50.
[11-22 12:08][Rogue]Intoll: Since i just boosted to 20 instantly
[11-22 12:08][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> only so much time <-{-
[11-22 12:09][Rogue]Intoll: Yeah I know :/
[11-22 12:09][Rogue]Intoll hires you a crew!
[11-22 12:09][Rogue]Intoll: If only hehe
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00:57, Lockday, Sartki 2, 199 AD.

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