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HelpPlayer Commands • Typo

Syntax: <typo [message]> || <typo [object (#)|command] [message]> 
Logs a typo to the creator of a room or object. 
When no object is specified, the room is assumed to have the typo. 
    Command: typo command [typo] should be [correct] 
        example: typo punch simle should be simple 
    Object: typo [object id] [typo] should be [correct] 
        example: typo ring 5 read should be red 
    Look: typo look [noun] [typo] should be [correct] 
        example: typo look tree brach should be branch 
    General: typo [typo] should be [correct] 
        example: typo treee should be tree 

See also: bug, idea, praise, mudidea

HelpPlayer Commands • Typo

11:48, Flameday, Aenterki 18, 174 AD.

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