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[07-16 21:03][RP]Lilo: It's unusually high for someone your size
[07-16 21:07][RP]A bratty troll cuts a grass skirt to fit.
[07-16 21:08][RP]Lilo: Jokes on you. You're like the emperor with no clothes. Lilo never had a grass skirt. :P
[07-18 20:25][RP]Morgreal takes a bite of roasted meat: Mammoth the other white meat.
[07-18 20:31][RP]Katrina is always around.
[07-18 20:31][RP]Am: and lakshana
[07-18 20:31][RP]Am: and if you put in one with holyweapon, I'd use it.
[07-22 23:10][RP]Falstaff: Another line I've never seen used!
[07-22 23:11][RP]Am walks over and throttles Falstaff.
[07-22 23:11][RP]Falstaff: Ahlorial would love this line, though.
[07-22 23:11][RP]Am: you will use this line for role playing, vile rogue.
[07-22 23:12][RP]Am: abuse!
[07-22 23:13][RP]Falstaff: I'm not really a vile rogue. I'm simply a consciousness that was shattered decades ago and fragmented across multiple bodies. Only by working in concert with my brothers will I ever be able to repair the damage and become one person again.
[07-22 23:19][RP]A shattering noise echos around the multi realms.
[07-22 23:23][RP]Someone pulls out some gorilla glue and starts to reassemble
[07-22 23:23][RP]Am: you can let california slide into the ocean though.
[08-01 20:39][RP]The siva guards rush out and tax Recluse just cause!
[08-01 20:40][RP]Am: scry's them and banishes them to Tsfaru's 'hole'
[08-12 17:45][RP]Crusti: HEY HEY KIDS!
[08-12 17:45][RP]Violator says: You're dead. D-E-D. Dead.
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12:47, Vaigday, Roki 20, 166 AD.

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