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[07-06 00:31][RP]Recluse: []bound I am.
[07-06 00:32][RP]Recluse: done
[07-09 22:29][RP]Stitch: What line is this?
[07-09 22:29][RP]Stitch: Wow, new line.
[07-16 20:59][RP]A ground troll yells and charges Am.
[07-16 21:00][RP]A ground troll: food!
[07-16 21:00][RP]Lilo: I meant internet troll Icewolfz.
[07-16 21:00][RP]An ice troll throws snow at Lilo.
[07-16 21:00][RP]Lilo: Dood, that thing is wicked scary.
[07-16 21:00][RP]An ice troll cackles
[07-16 21:01][RP]Lilo: And nice sign. That's new.
[07-16 21:01][RP]A bratty troll blows a razzberry at Lilo.
[07-16 21:01][RP]Lilo: Hey, I took her down twice as a newbie, so bring it.
[07-16 21:01][RP]Icewolfz: hmm thought iwa guy but no clue i didnt create it
[07-16 21:02][RP]A bratty troll pees his name in the snow!
[07-16 21:02][RP]Lilo: Ewww.
[07-16 21:02][RP]Lilo draws a picture of Bratty Troll.
[07-16 21:03][RP]Lilo: This is you....
[07-16 21:03][RP]Lilo: This is your badness level....
[07-16 21:03][RP]A bratty troll steals Lilo's grass skirt and runs away.
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12:44, Vaigday, Roki 20, 166 AD.

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