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[05-31 05:58][RP]Goku: we are kill and kill are all
[06-03 13:50][RP]Starfox: all are Kill for Kill are all
[06-18 21:57][RP]Starfox: all are kill for kill are all!
[07-05 22:28][RP]Arbach: puny mortals!
[07-06 00:25][RP]Am: that was fun questing
[07-06 00:26][RP]Am: btw, the secret to the asdfasdf quest is to find all the parts, kill asfdasdfas and use that asdfasdfasf to get to the rest of the thing.
[07-06 00:27][RP]Nova: we shall have to do it again soon
[07-06 00:27][RP]Am: icey - like my redacted statement. I should run the fbi or something.
[07-06 00:28][RP]Am: Thanks nova. if you want to swap back to Tundra and me in [], I can do that.
[07-06 00:28][RP]Recluse: rather myself that is.
[07-06 00:31][RP]Nova: I'm already in the tundra
[07-06 00:31][RP]Am: ok.
[07-06 00:31][RP]Recluse: []bound I am.
[07-06 00:32][RP]Recluse: done
[07-09 22:29][RP]Stitch: What line is this?
[07-09 22:29][RP]Stitch: Wow, new line.
[07-16 20:59][RP]A ground troll yells and charges Am.
[07-16 21:00][RP]A ground troll: food!
[07-16 21:00][RP]Lilo: I meant internet troll Icewolfz.
[07-16 21:00][RP]An ice troll throws snow at Lilo.
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17:13, Vaigday, Praxi 5, 165 AD.

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