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[03-02 00:33][RP]Asp: finds a pack of wolves and studies them as they hunt
[03-02 21:00][RP]Asp: Heads into the slums,
[03-02 21:05][RP]Lug prepares/
[03-02 21:05][RP]Asp: you're a teacher.. I will not harm ya
[03-02 21:06][RP]Lug snears and raises his club.
[03-02 21:06][RP]Asp slides pass, tickling Lug
[03-02 21:08][RP]Lug swears and moves on to an easier mark
[03-02 21:10][RP]Asp's grin shines bright in the murk of slums, till he finds a group of Punk giant rats running the underground cheese gambling ring..
[03-02 21:10][RP]Rogre: careful, The Gouda Syndicate is no joke.
[03-02 21:11][RP]Asp: not the Gouda Syndicate.. the Judge never said anything about dealing with them?!
[03-02 21:12][RP]Rogre: they are relentless, extra cheese.
[03-02 21:13][RP]Asp snaps his fingers. 'The Judge said the Pizzman was running low. I thought it was rent money.'
[03-14 20:36][RP]Asp: runs around like a evil rainbow gnome
[03-14 20:36][RP]Asp: boooo
[03-20 10:09][RP]Asp: looks at you all
[03-20 10:10][RP]Rhakor: Stares down from the back of his huge steed
[03-20 10:11][RP]Asp: crap get that horses butt away from me
[03-20 10:11][RP]Asp: i'll take damage from that
[03-20 10:11][RP]Asp: HEY!!!
[03-20 10:17][RP]Nightshade peers
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05:07, Lockday, Altki 7, 171 AD.

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