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[03-02 21:13][RP]Asp snaps his fingers. 'The Judge said the Pizzman was running low. I thought it was rent money.'
[03-14 20:36][RP]Asp: runs around like a evil rainbow gnome
[03-14 20:36][RP]Asp: boooo
[03-20 10:09][RP]Asp: looks at you all
[03-20 10:10][RP]Rhakor: Stares down from the back of his huge steed
[03-20 10:11][RP]Asp: crap get that horses butt away from me
[03-20 10:11][RP]Asp: i'll take damage from that
[03-20 10:11][RP]Asp: HEY!!!
[03-20 10:17][RP]Nightshade peers
[03-20 10:20][RP]Asp: slides across the floor and bounces off a tree, then pins a green undead rotting head with Glow in the Dark bright red Faerie's blood dripping from it
[03-20 10:22][RP]Asp: its a happy rotting day where there is death, some where else a Tax man taxing you for living =]
[03-20 10:24][RP]Asp: its the meds.. I can almost breath normally, Ogre bones crushed to a fine powder add some herbs and stuff, with other stuff
[03-21 23:43][RP]Asp: sits upon the permafrost in only his Kilt, shivers run up and his body.. breaths in and allows his body to get use to the coldness and cutting wind
[03-21 23:43][RP]Nightshade eyes Asp, and the scraggly tundra plants in the area
[03-21 23:44][RP]Nightshade looks down at the dead plants around him
[03-21 23:46][RP]Asp: builds up the chakra as the shivering slows down,,, the build up of energy starts to heat up the area around him
[03-21 23:47][RP]Nightshade stretches, calls upon the powers of Baeron, and revives a few of the plants, sculpting a few into a chair
[03-21 23:48][RP]Asp: turns flush, as the ice below him starts to melt due to the body heat rating from his core outward
[03-22 23:18][RP]Nightshade tries to cook the new mage
[03-22 23:19][RP]Zanatos: another one bites the dust
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13:43, Shadowday, Kepki 16, 175 AD.

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