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[01-01 17:10][Cleric]Recluse: Congrats!
[01-01 17:33][Cleric]NEWS: Thortol is now level 66.
[01-02 07:50][Cleric]NEWS: Palias is now level 33.
[01-02 20:02][Cleric]Recluse: Congrats all!
[01-03 06:02][Cleric]NEWS: Palias is now level 34.
[01-03 15:05][Cleric]NEWS: Carbon is now level 51.
[01-03 15:21][Cleric]NEWS: Carbon is now level 52.
[01-03 17:25][Cleric]NEWS: Thortol is now level 67.
[01-03 19:17][Cleric]NEWS: Carbon is now level 53.
[01-03 19:17][Cleric]NEWS: Carbon is now level 54.
[01-03 19:21][Cleric]Thortol: Woo hooo
[01-03 19:21][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> Thankee :)
[01-03 19:22][Cleric]Thortol: Ooo bright colors
[01-03 19:22][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> Why be ordinary?
[01-03 19:22][Cleric]Thortol: Why not have seizures from light display?
[01-03 19:22][Cleric]Thortol: I kid.
[01-03 19:22][Cleric]Thortol: Gotta have that disclaimer on the mud each time it loads up
[01-03 19:23][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> test
[01-03 19:23][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> there, a lil more trippy :)
[01-03 19:23][Cleric]Thortol: If you experience light headedness, nausea or any other symptoms...turn off the mud!
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12:43, Shadowday, Praxi 1, 193 AD.

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