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[12-02 14:32][Cleric]NEWS: Kayjay is now level 70.
[12-04 20:24][Cleric]John: If you need something, ask.
[12-04 20:25][Cleric]Sorrow: Ok, this thing is pretty awesome.
[12-04 20:26][Cleric]John: The buffs will wear off, but I can recast.
[12-04 20:29][Cleric]John: If you are getting banged up, let me know.
[12-04 20:29][Cleric]John can heal from a distance.
[12-04 20:42][Cleric]Sorrow: Thanks
[12-04 20:42][Cleric]John: sure.
[12-04 20:45][Cleric]John: Need another buff?
[12-04 20:47][Cleric]Sorrow: Doing ok, hunting pigs.
[12-04 20:47][Cleric]John: Nice.
[12-04 20:47][Cleric]Sorrow: working on stats.
[12-04 20:48][Cleric]John: Nice.
[12-04 20:48][Cleric]John: pig hunting... where?
[12-04 20:48][Cleric]Sorrow: south of the swamps
[12-04 20:48][Cleric]John: Ah... okay..
[12-04 20:49][Cleric]John: I can come that way and buff you up agan.
[12-04 20:53][Cleric]John: Good luck.
[12-04 20:53][Cleric]Sorrow: Thank you again!
[12-04 20:53][Cleric]John: sure
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12:49, Vaigday, Roki 20, 166 AD.

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