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[01-08 00:36][Cleric]False: do we get journeyman deities??
[01-08 00:36][Cleric]False: mind is blown
[01-08 01:39][Cleric]False: you know theres should be combo prayer that covers 2 to 3 stats at a time
[01-08 01:40][Cleric]False: just a thought
[01-08 01:41][Cleric]Icewolfz: mostly thats to prevnt ot much op
[01-08 01:41][Cleric]False: for self? not non believers
[01-08 01:42][Cleric]Icewolfz: well bonus prayers alreay do a 5% bonus
[01-08 01:42][Cleric]Icewolfz: if i remember
[01-08 01:42][Cleric]Icewolfz: adding to many stats could op to much
[01-08 01:42][Cleric]False: k
[01-08 01:44][Cleric]False: need to pick recluse left disaster s brain for journeyman deities
[01-08 01:47][Cleric]NEWS: Endulien has joined the clerics.
[01-08 01:48][Cleric]False: wow Congrats
[01-08 01:48][Cleric]Endulien: Thanks!
[01-08 01:48][Cleric]False: have you played before?
[01-08 01:48][Cleric]Endulien: A long time ago
[01-08 01:49][Cleric]False: a lots changed
[01-08 01:49][Cleric]Endulien: Kieron'
[01-08 01:49][Cleric]False: nods
[01-08 01:49][Cleric]Endulien: Kieron's layout seems to be mostly the same.
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10:02, Shadowday, Praxi 1, 193 AD.

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