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[02-03 21:15][Mage]Wizzard: my int in 97+10
[02-03 21:23][Mage]Rpgfreak: we don't wanna talk to you Wizz.
[02-03 21:25][Mage]Wizzard: wow. meanie
[02-03 21:25][Mage]Rpgfreak: Them's the facts. Sab didn't even try to acknowledge you.
[02-03 21:26][Mage]Wizzard: may I ask why?
[02-03 21:26][Mage]Sabbathiel: who what? wasnt on purpose!
[02-03 21:26][Mage]Sabbathiel: icey is like... downlaoding last 7 years on me :) trying to keep up!
[02-03 21:26][Mage]Rpgfreak whispers to Sabbathiel: Shhh!~
[02-03 21:27][Mage]Rpgfreak: creepy
[02-03 21:27][Mage]Wizzard: I can't keep up.
[02-03 21:28][Mage]Rpgfreak: actually it wasn't. *wink*
[02-03 21:30][Mage]Wizzard: you do realize that mages have scry?
[02-03 21:30][Mage]Rpgfreak: SHHHH!
[02-03 21:30][Mage]Sabbathiel: i can make a light bulb
[02-03 21:30][Mage]Icewolfz: and immortals can see all
[02-03 21:31][Mage]Wizzard chuckles.
[02-03 21:31][Mage]Wizzard: but you can never unsee this.
[02-03 21:32][Mage]Rpgfreak: I was waiting for Wizzard to emote 'unzips' ... but it never happened.
[02-03 21:34][Mage]Wizzard: and if you need something, feel free to pester me, I've probably hoarded whatever it is.
[02-03 21:34][Mage]Rpgfreak: do you have my missing marbles?
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06:45, Flameday, Altki 18, 187 AD.

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