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[12-24 08:46][Mage]Mmiao: where can i see my learned spells?
[12-24 08:46][Mage]Alatar: look symbol
[12-24 08:46][Mage]Alatar: err spellbook
[12-24 08:46][Mage]Alatar: sorry, I play clerics too often :)
[12-24 08:46][Mage]Mmiao: ah
[12-24 08:46][Mage]Mmiao: in my inventory
[12-24 08:47][Mage]Alatar: and I alias ls look spellbook
[12-24 08:47][Mage]Alatar: I think i is aliased to inventory
[12-24 08:47][Mage]Mmiao: yep
[12-24 08:48][Mage]Alatar: other base commands are stats, skills, and help :)
[12-24 08:48][Mage]Mmiao: thanks
[12-24 08:48][Mage]Alatar: help traits is a good one to start learning.
[12-24 08:48][Mage]Alatar: and help mage
[12-24 08:48][Mage]Alatar: also, you have a command, rescue, until level 6, that insta teleports you to the []
[12-24 08:49][Mage]Mmiao nods.
[12-24 08:49][Mage]Alatar: I suggest starting off with going to the newbie trainer and using equipme and then doing the newbie training.
[12-24 08:51][Mage]Alatar: also, its christmas eve, and my filthy rich monk retired, so he's been leaving massive cash around the game in bank notes.
[12-24 08:53][Mage]Alatar: you have to go the bank and open an account to deposit the notes..but you'll never need cash again.
[12-24 08:54][Mage]Alatar: anyway, I'm out, have a good one.
[12-24 08:54][Mage]Mmiao: oh i get the note:)
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10:29, Shadowday, Praxi 1, 193 AD.

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