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[08-20 16:07][Mage]NEWS: Rmp is now level 63.
[08-20 16:07][Mage]Qahn: yeeehaw
[08-20 16:07][Mage]Qahn: hehehe
[08-20 16:08][Mage]Rmp: ok now I'm taking a break.
[08-20 16:08][Mage]Rmp: before my carpal tunnel acts up
[08-20 16:08][Mage]Qahn: riiiiight
[08-20 16:08][Mage]Rmp: yeah, seriously, no more blasting in tundra today.
[08-20 16:08][Mage]Qahn: brace time
[08-20 16:08][Mage]Rmp: maybe later on.
[08-20 16:18][Mage]Rmp: just some idle hitting
[08-20 16:18][Mage]Qahn: hehehehe
[08-20 16:18][Mage]Rmp: need sword skill maxxed
[08-20 16:19][Mage]Qahn: all is good
[08-20 16:19][Mage]Qahn: take them
[08-20 19:29][Mage]Rmp: Magemud power.
[08-20 19:29][Mage]Rmp: I just was pounding at a 13.7M xp/hr clip. That's same or faster than AM can do at level 100.
[08-20 19:30][Mage]Rmp: of course the power levelling I did to get here means I have to burn it all on stats now
[08-20 19:32][Mage]Skillborn: wow
[08-20 19:33][Mage]Rmp: and..I just got flare.
[08-20 19:33][Mage]Skillborn: big badaboom!
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18:01, Vaigday, Kantki 5, 198 AD.

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