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[03-31 20:15][Monk]Asp knifehand no
[03-31 20:15][Monk]Asp assailing
[03-31 20:16][Monk]Asp hrms I didn't airstrike my halberd...
[03-31 20:16][Monk]Asp kicks yeah
[03-31 20:17][Monk]Asp shoulderflip works
[03-31 20:17][Monk]Asp checking heave
[03-31 20:18][Monk]Asp disrupt doesnt
[03-31 20:19][Monk]Asp cleaves!! and impale!!
[03-31 20:20][Monk]Asp discipline combos are go
[03-31 20:21][Monk]Asp no elbowstrike
[03-31 20:21][Monk]Dorryn: I did use elbowstrike with the spear
[03-31 20:22][Monk]Asp which isn't covered by the weapons enchantment anyway
[03-31 20:22][Monk]Icewolfz: i dont ebelave weapon matters on elbow
[03-31 20:22][Monk]Icewolfz: as your using elbow so it ignores all weapons
[03-31 20:22][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 24.
[03-31 20:22][Monk]Asp lucky ( nods ) gratz on 24th
[03-31 20:22][Monk]Dorryn: Thanks
[03-31 20:23][Monk]Asp okay without fury i'm missing alot with halberd (hehehehe) unleashing my fury
[03-31 20:24][Monk]Asp I was lying down?? and the wolves still did hit me
[03-31 20:25][Monk]Asp abate
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10:56, Flameday, Kepki 13, 170 AD.

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