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[04-02 01:10][Monk]Asp oh yeah..
[04-02 01:10][Monk]Asp: MOnKs Durant.. cuz he's on
[04-02 02:04][Monk]Asp loves fury
[04-02 02:04][Monk]Asp: loves fury
[04-02 02:05][Monk]Durant: yeah it's nice
[04-02 14:09][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 31.
[04-02 15:50][Monk]Asp offs flap on his face instead of monking you.. 'hasdhhuqummmmmm..
[04-02 15:51][Monk]Asp stats increasing going on Here???
[04-02 15:52][Monk]Durant: no
[04-02 15:52][Monk]Asp lag that bad?
[04-02 15:52][Monk]Durant: it's still giving me issues
[04-02 15:52][Monk]Durant: I was just playing LoL and it wasn't too bad
[04-02 15:52][Monk]Durant: but taking a break right now
[04-02 15:53][Monk]Asp i think those smaller younger humans are off school for Spring break
[04-02 15:56][Monk]Durant: dunno
[04-02 15:56][Monk]Asp LoL
[04-02 15:56][Monk]Asp what is LoL legends Of Lunais?
[04-02 16:07][Monk]Asp WHen Are they going to FIX it...
[04-02 16:21][Monk]Asp
[04-02 16:21][Monk]Asp
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13:58, Lockday, Kortki 17, 171 AD.

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