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[01-06 15:36][Monk]Xorrox: type learn infront of cirro! the Master in the monk hall all n
[01-06 15:37][Monk]Thanatos: i've learned everything from him except dragonpalm and tiger fury
[01-06 15:42][Monk]Xorrox: er Cirroc is who u check yiur discipline
[01-06 15:42][Monk]Xorrox: I've ignored the animal syles
[01-06 22:27][Monk]NEWS: Os is now level 21.
[01-06 22:50][Monk]NEWS: Os is now level 22.
[01-06 22:50][Monk]NEWS: Os is now level 23.
[01-06 22:50][Monk]NEWS: Os is now level 24.
[01-06 22:50][Monk]NEWS: Os is now level 25.
[01-07 17:35][Monk]Xorrox: sighs...
[01-07 17:59][Monk]Xorrox: 200 is g rank..
[01-07 21:29][Monk]Xorpan: Os the steel ring is really good item, we get fury depending which Clan you pick which is like the ring.
[01-07 23:18][Monk]NEWS: Os has journeymanned the Tail Clan!
[01-08 21:41][Monk]NEWS: Os is now level 26.
[01-09 19:02][Monk]NEWS: Os is now level 27.
[01-09 19:06][Monk]Os: Does Anticipate trump Dodge?
[01-09 19:12][Monk]Icewolfz: overall they are almost idleicalt code wise
[01-09 19:12][Monk]Icewolfz: i was probably alzy
[01-09 19:12][Monk]Os nods.
[01-09 19:13][Monk]Icewolfz: anticle does adjust the chance weights
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08:18, Shadowday, Praxi 1, 193 AD.

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