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[05-24 12:23][Monk]Asp I am sweeps kicks and punches
[05-24 12:24][Monk]Jet: Nice, as I remember you were sweeps pre crash
[05-24 12:24][Monk]Jet: Dems was nasty.
[05-24 12:25][Monk]Asp im thinking i need to change up.
[05-24 12:25][Monk]Jet: Is there a way to change them after creating?
[05-24 12:27][Monk]Asp i believe there is
[05-24 12:27][Monk]Asp other classes can
[05-24 12:28][Monk]Asp: need to get Morhe high enough level to test it
[05-24 12:29][Monk]Asp whoa 3 monks on
[05-24 12:30][Monk]Asp man i wish i had more time to offer.
[05-24 12:30][Monk]Asp gots to go.
[05-24 12:30][Monk]Jet: Later
[05-24 14:22][Monk]NEWS: Rasputin is now level 46.
[05-24 14:22][Monk]Jet: Congrats!
[05-24 14:22][Monk]Rasputin: thanks.
[05-24 14:22][Monk]Rasputin: reboot is soon.
[05-24 14:22][Monk]Jet: Yup
[05-24 14:23][Monk]Jet: One more run for me then I'll be back
[05-24 14:23][Monk]Rasputin: so I won't be back until later after that.
[05-24 14:23][Monk]Jet: OK
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05:19, Lockday, Aenterki 17, 169 AD.

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