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[04-23 23:55][Chat]Aim: Conservative John Roberts ruled Obamacare was legal because it was a tax and federal govt can tax, and had the IRS enforce it.
[04-23 23:56][Chat]Icewolfz: 2 sure things, death and taxes
[04-23 23:56][Chat]Zanatos: I hope all the Rpubes Love the Clown show cause its gonna be over soon.
[04-23 23:56][Chat]Aim: even though he swore up and down it wasn't. The Republican justice saw the tax and called it legal
[04-23 23:56][Chat]Nova: and they're working on a cure for death
[04-23 23:56][Chat]Aim: called te AR-15, you die before you know it.
[04-23 23:57][Chat]Aim: I'm pro gun btw. :)
[04-23 23:57][Chat]Aim: anti weapon in the hands of stupid people
[04-23 23:57][Chat]Zanatos: ugh a nother Gun toating Right wing Nazi...gotta Love em
[04-23 23:57][Chat]Nova: oh my god, a judge set aside his political parties ideology and actually did his job?
[04-23 23:58][Chat]Aim: well, I'm not 2nd amendment true tho
[04-23 23:58][Chat]Aim: if it were true, everyone should be able to have nuclear weapons
[04-23 23:58][Chat]Aim: after all, they are arms. and we are to be able to keep and bear them.
[04-23 23:58][Chat]Nova: well, that was kinda the idea when it was written
[04-23 23:59][Chat]Zanatos: since I was born I have had Bare arms
[04-23 23:59][Chat]Aim: pretty sure we'd break the world with that as citizens with nukes :)
[04-23 23:59][Chat]Nova: not me, I'm a red head, have to keep my arms covered
[04-24 00:00][Chat]Aim: lol
[04-24 00:00][Chat]Trump nukes Aim.
[04-24 00:00][Chat]Nova: just cause you have the right to buy them, doesn't mean you can afford it
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06:55, Vaigday, Kepki 5, 168 AD.

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