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[12-08 18:21][Chat]Morhe Ssp is a mean trainer
[12-08 18:21][Chat]Amazon: LOL Asp doesn't like me that much
[12-08 18:22][Chat]Naxan is gonna try out throwing heavy sharp objects at ferocious beasts in the tundra.
[12-08 18:23][Chat]Naxan: Especially those beastly lemmings, always that look on their face as if they want to eat your face.
[12-08 18:23][Chat]Naxan: And you know, when one does, they alllll come a running at ya.
[12-08 18:23][Chat]Amazon: just behead them and see what they look like.. its like (8-o
[12-08 18:24][Chat]Naxan chuckles.
[12-08 18:24][Chat]Naxan: Gotta getem fast!
[12-08 18:24][Chat]Naxan: Or you'll be ankle deep in critter!
[12-08 18:24][Chat]Amazon kisses her Golden Axe.. no worries.
[12-08 18:24][Chat]Naxan thought the ice before flying was treacherous... man oh man. Out for a week on lemming sprained ankle.
[12-08 18:25][Chat]Amazon kisses Morhe.. no worries, I am in very safe hands.
[12-08 18:25][Chat]Naxan switches to bow for flair!
[12-08 18:25][Chat]Amazon: Morhe is a beast.
[12-08 18:26][Chat]Amazon: I dont even have time to attack.
[12-08 18:26][Chat]Morhe you got yhat onr
[12-08 18:44][Chat]Morhe i know ive asked this whats the brief combat thingy
[12-08 18:47][Chat]Amazon freaks out.
[12-08 18:47][Chat]Amazon: where is my pickaxe
[12-08 18:47][Chat]The nose: picking!
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12:46, Vaigday, Kortki 10, 172 AD.

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