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[10-18 01:41][Chat]Tao: well i made it like 10 mins ago so its new to me
[10-18 01:43][Chat]Tao: well i really need to head to bed
[10-18 01:43][Chat]Tao: and do the dishes or my wife will be pissed
[10-18 01:44][Chat]Tao: good night for real
[10-18 01:44][Chat]Nova: so do I, don't see it happening though
[10-18 01:44][Chat]Tao: and whats up with the dirt blocking glasses
[10-18 01:44][Chat]Tao: alright im out
[10-18 01:45][Chat]Nova: I'll work on them when i can get to my files
[10-18 01:45][Chat]Tao: well i hve to be up in less then 5 hrs, if i was still in the army no worries, but now ehhh
[10-18 01:45][Chat]Icewolfz: ok light_weapaon code in
[10-18 01:45][Chat]Tao: no worries, just wanted to make sure u didnt forget
[10-18 01:45][Chat]Icewolfz: torches hsould neo be wieldable but no fire damage
[10-18 01:46][Chat]Icewolfz: fire damge takes a few extra steps i hav to check if i can eve ndo it in the core systems
[10-18 01:46][Chat]Tao: but for real im out
[10-18 01:46][Chat]Nova: yeah, i remember those days. PT at 0600? its 0430 now? we got time for a couple more rounds
[10-18 01:46][Chat]Icewolfz: as the weapo ndamage is tied to a few differnt core daemons
[10-18 01:47][Chat]Icewolfz: hmm i dont support custom damage types for wepaons
[10-18 01:47][Chat]Tao: 600, shit we were in formation at 530 for 700 pt run
[10-18 01:48][Chat]Tao: dont know how many of those i showed up to drunk
[10-18 01:48][Chat]Nova: most of them
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17:13, Vaigday, Praxi 5, 165 AD.

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