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[04-24 00:04][Chat]Aim: no, but easy for soccer idiots to kill 100 people with steak knives from 0 distance
[04-24 00:05][Chat]Zanatos: what Shaolin Soccer ?
[04-24 00:05][Chat]Aim: for the most part, guns don't kill more people than deranged people would with any decent lethal weapon.
[04-24 00:05][Chat]Bastid: good thing Americans don't like soccer :)
[04-24 00:06][Chat]Marauder mech turns and fires at Nova.
[04-24 00:06][Chat]Aim: I mean columbine and nazi germany are exceptions to that. but otherwise billions of people have worked not kill each other.
[04-24 00:07][Chat]Aim: so I'm pro gun in the sense that if some other pro gun person needs to eliminate you, well, you should both probably not be here if not mentall fried.
[04-24 00:08][Chat]Aim: all a yin and yanh thing.
[04-24 00:08][Chat]Zanatos: Don't do Drugs
[04-24 00:08][Chat]Aim: or if you do, please let it be prozac
[04-24 00:08][Chat]Zanatos: the Pharm Paries and all the Crystal Meth its gotten way out of hand
[04-24 00:09][Chat]Zanatos: Parties
[04-24 00:09][Chat]Zanatos: well I can say that for my State
[04-24 00:10][Chat]Zanatos: Battery Acid is one Ingrediant
[04-24 00:10][Chat]Zanatos: Hey bill Wanna Rot your Insides out..wanna do a Line of Battery Acid...I swear its a Life changer
[04-24 00:11][Chat]Nova: if you're using battery acid to make meth, you're doing it wrong
[04-24 00:11][Chat]Nova: hydrocarbons or polar solvents work much better
[04-24 00:11][Chat]Zanatos: well I'm no Chemist or any such thing I would rather not know at all
[04-24 00:12][Chat]Zanatos: I got offered Meth once...
[04-24 00:12][Chat]Nova: part of my classes as a firefighter
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06:55, Vaigday, Kepki 5, 168 AD.

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