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[02-13 23:07][Chat]Smurfette sings: Blue Ain't Your Color
[02-13 23:09][Chat]Smurfette sings: Blow my blues away
[02-13 23:10][Chat]Brainy sings: chuckle
[02-13 23:14][Chat]Smurfette sings: Hit the road jack.
[02-13 23:15][Chat]Smurfette sings: riding along in my smurfmobile
[02-13 23:15][Chat]Brainy sings: Smurfette is not my smurfer.
[02-13 23:15][Chat]Smurfette sings: return to sender
[02-13 23:15][Chat]Smurfette sings: smurfin usa
[02-13 23:15][Chat]Brainy sings: She's just a smurf who thinks that I am the smurf.
[02-13 23:15][Chat]Smurfette sings: born to smurf
[02-13 23:16][Chat]Brainy sings: her smurf is not my smurf.
[02-13 23:16][Chat]Stone: what about NovaSmurf ?
[02-13 23:16][Chat]Smurfette sings: my smurf berry
[02-13 23:16][Chat]Smurfette sings: aint no thing like a smurf thing
[02-13 23:17][Chat]Smurfette sings: do the smurf
[02-13 23:17][Chat]Smurfette sings: Brainy be smurf
[02-13 23:18][Chat]Brainy smurfs the gwert!
[02-13 23:19][Chat]Smurfette puts a smurf in and takes a smurf out, shakes a smurf all about
[02-14 01:39][Chat]Brainy: Congrats Savi!
[02-14 01:39][Chat]Savi: thank you!
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04:43, Lockday, Sartki 17, 173 AD.

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