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[06-13 19:29][Chat]Icewolfz: does it say al in inventory?
[06-13 19:29][Chat]Icewolfz: if not then no
[06-13 19:29][Chat]Icewolfz: but you can store them in class locker
[06-13 19:29][Chat]Icewolfz: they wil lremain til reboot
[06-13 19:29][Chat]Icewolfz: whihc is in 19 hrs
[06-13 19:30][Chat]Icewolfz: so you cna keep them in class locker til morrow
[06-13 19:30][Chat]Icewolfz can always make more if asked
[06-13 19:30][Chat]Icewolfz: overall most of the mare newyears
[06-13 19:30][Chat]Icewolfz: i probaly should make it smarter to ignore newyears outside of han
[06-13 19:30][Chat]Rtmethacton: DRAGOOOOON
[06-13 19:31][Chat]Rtmethacton: can i have a baby dragon for a pet? :o
[06-13 19:35][Chat]Recluse: well, I have a hippogriff
[06-13 19:36][Chat]Icewolfz: i should make pet dragon as a quest reqward or something
[06-13 19:46][Chat]Rtmethacton: i waaaaant it
[06-13 19:46][Chat]Rtmethacton: nd then maybe if you feed it itll grow up into a medium dragon and fight iwth you :D
[06-13 19:46][Chat]Am: does not suprise me that who -Se has you 2nd to Yahwen.
[06-13 19:47][Chat]Icewolfz: yawhen and rt may have the same % and just alpha order
[06-13 19:47][Chat]Am: 100 ?
[06-13 19:47][Chat]Rtmethacton: whats se?
[06-13 19:47][Chat]Icewolfz: help who
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04:57, Lockday, Aenterki 17, 169 AD.

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