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[10-18 01:49][Chat]Tao: hahaha more like all of them
[10-18 01:49][Chat]Tao: i was infantry, either i was drunk or on duty and thats not much of a separator
[10-18 01:50][Chat]Nova: i was a marine grunt, most of the time i was drunk on duty
[10-18 01:50][Chat]Tao: so u were on duty
[10-18 01:51][Chat]Tao: damn yall, i was supposed to be doing dishes
[10-18 01:51][Chat]Nova: good night
[10-18 01:52][Chat]Tao: well im smoking now so ill be on for like 5 min
[10-18 01:52][Chat]Tao: aside form that damn it i have to do some dishes
[10-18 01:52][Chat]Nova: i need a smoke, but i have to go outside
[10-18 01:53][Chat]Tao: yay for shity laptop
[10-18 01:53][Chat]Nova: I'm on my desktop. left the laptop at work
[10-18 01:54][Chat]Nova: of course I should be doing my online classes
[10-18 01:54][Chat]Tao: from tonight i will use my desktop for dragons. aside from that i see ok
[10-18 01:55][Chat]Tao: yeah do those, or stay logged in long enough to get the credits and get someone else to take the tests and quizes
[10-18 01:56][Chat]Nova: only get credit if i pass the test
[10-18 01:57][Chat]Tao: awe they dont run hrs and tests?
[10-18 01:57][Chat]Icewolfz: wepaons break its me ;)
[10-18 01:58][Chat]Tao: i know a few people that got quite a few credits with the log time and others doing their tests and quizes
[10-18 01:58][Chat]Why: nope, if you pass the test, you get credit for the hours the class is supposed to take. fail the test, get nothing
[10-18 01:58][Chat]Tao: alright im out for real, if u need me hit me on tell, ill be back in like 6-10 hrs
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17:11, Vaigday, Praxi 5, 165 AD.

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