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[04-24 00:00][Chat]Aim: so there has to be some limit to arms. else with my hatred of stupid, I'd have created star trek anti matter weapons and simply annihilated some enemies by now
[04-24 00:01][Chat]Borg: the omega particle, the perfect way to die!
[04-24 00:01][Chat]Zanatos: can I nuke my Neighbor
[04-24 00:01][Chat]Zanatos: oh wait I don't have one
[04-24 00:01][Chat]Aim: I'm not god, but somewhere between fusion and kiloton weapons, should be the line
[04-24 00:01][Chat]Icewolfz: so that tank nxt door that firs 50mm shells is good?
[04-24 00:01][Chat]Aim: with a ffl
[04-24 00:02][Chat]Zanatos: sure Light em if you got em
[04-24 00:02][Chat]Aim: without one, like 1 tone
[04-24 00:02][Chat]Zanatos: I want a Stone Rhino if you can tell me what that is I will give you all my gold
[04-24 00:03][Chat]Nova: who's going to tell the guy with the tank he can't have it?
[04-24 00:03][Chat]Nova: 100 ton clan mech
[04-24 00:03][Chat]Zanatos: 30 Mill on the Line for any Takers
[04-24 00:03][Chat]Aim: otherwise you get like the UK. ban pistols, people die from rifles, ban rifles, people die from bows and long knives, ban them and people die from kitchen what, idiots
[04-24 00:04][Chat]Zanatos: ok did you look it up or did you know it
[04-24 00:04][Chat]Nova: solve the problem, ban murder
[04-24 00:04][Chat]Aim: lol
[04-24 00:04][Chat]Aim: done
[04-24 00:04][Chat]Bastid: hard to kill 60 people from half a mile away with longknives
[04-24 00:04][Chat]Nova: new battletech game goes live tomorrow at 9am PDT
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06:54, Vaigday, Kepki 5, 168 AD.

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