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[07-30 00:37][Fighter]Icewolfz: like doubleshot gets you twice teh exp as a normal rank b single hitter
[07-30 00:38][Fighter]Gormagh: Hmmm, I guess. Maybe it was just the early portion that'll end up being slow
[07-30 00:38][Fighter]Icewolfz: i did to help offset the issue of limited ammo
[07-30 00:38][Fighter]Gormagh: doubleshot is 3turn duration though, so not 'that' much quicker than overdraw
[07-30 00:38][Fighter]Icewolfz: training class skills cna be slow sometimes out side of the core class skill
[07-30 00:38][Fighter]Gormagh: But I understand your point
[07-30 00:38][Fighter]Icewolfz: it just an example ther rae better commands as stuff raises
[07-30 00:39][Fighter]Gormagh: *nod* Long as its going the speed it's meant to, then I'm good with it
[07-30 00:39][Fighter]Gormagh: Just felt slow was all
[07-30 00:39][Fighter]Icewolfz: double shot is the slowest arachery command
[07-30 00:39][Fighter]Icewolfz: rank 3 is same as overdraw
[07-30 00:40][Fighter]Icewolfz: and causes normal rank c damage but it also adds a perm wind if it hits the torso
[07-30 00:41][Fighter]Icewolfz: reason doubleshot is slow as it is basicly 2 overdraw hits
[07-30 00:41][Fighter]Icewolfz: overdraw is 2 rounds hwile doubleshot is 3
[07-30 00:41][Fighter]Icewolfz: so double shot is only 1 round longer for twice the damage
[07-30 00:42][Fighter]Icewolfz: so 2 double shot is equal to 3 overdraw i think
[07-30 00:42][Fighter]Icewolfz: time wise
[07-30 00:42][Fighter]Icewolfz: hit wais tis 4 hits vs 3 for the same amt of time
[07-30 00:43][Fighter]Icewolfz: and rank b is stronger so that also make doubeshot better
[07-30 00:43][Fighter]Icewolfz: so while slower short term compare to long term you get more hits at higher damage
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05:58, Darkday, Kantki 9, 178 AD.

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