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[07-30 00:44][Fighter]Icewolfz: when comparing command i suggest to not just compare a single hit but also multiple uses in a row
[07-30 00:45][Fighter]Icewolfz: as sometims you can see using a command more then once is faster or more powerful then the seamingly faster command
[07-30 00:45][Fighter]Gormagh: Yup. I just meant purely for skill growth overdraw is only 'somewhat' faster due to the longer charge time - that's all I was saying
[07-30 00:46][Fighter]Icewolfz: not relaly
[07-30 00:46][Fighter]Icewolfz: overdraw trains roughly 75 to 90 xp a use
[07-30 00:46][Fighter]Icewolfz: while doubleshot does 100 to 120 a hit for a possible 200 to 240 xp training
[07-30 00:47][Fighter]Icewolfz: depdning o nthe random chance
[07-30 00:47][Fighter]Icewolfz: so double shot trains it nearly twice as fast
[07-30 00:48][Fighter]Icewolfz: single hit its probably only a 10 or so % gain over a rank a but it being double hit makes it far nicer
[07-30 00:48][Fighter]Icewolfz: granted could still be a bug somewhere, with my luck
[07-30 00:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: overall spending xp will always be faster then training several subclass skills
[07-30 00:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: as once you pick subclasses your skill cost will adjust as well
[07-30 00:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: lower the skill amt i think cost goes up
[07-30 00:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: that or its the other way i know its higher to lower or lower to higher
[07-30 00:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: hopfully they helps explain the training as i am sure you will notice the same thing when using other skills over time or after subclassing
[07-30 00:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: archery is probably just more stand out due to requiring ammo
[07-30 00:52][Fighter]Gormagh: thanks for the info. very informative
[08-01 00:59][Fighter]NEWS: Zealot is now level 11.
[08-01 00:59][Fighter]NEWS: Zealot is now level 12.
[08-01 00:59][Fighter]NEWS: Zealot is now level 13.
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07:41, Darkday, Kantki 9, 178 AD.

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