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[04-11 21:54][Fighter]Gojiro: :)
[04-13 07:01][Fighter]NEWS: Naxan is now level 42.
[04-14 09:19][Fighter]NEWS: Amazon is now level 71.
[04-14 09:43][Fighter]NEWS: Wodin has joined the fighters.
[04-14 09:45][Fighter]Amazon: boooo!!!!
[04-14 09:45][Fighter]Amazon: jk, welcome home :)
[04-14 09:45][Fighter]Wodin: Thanks!
[04-14 17:27][Fighter]Zanatos: well hello there innitiate!
[04-14 17:27][Fighter]Wodin: Hello, Sir.
[04-14 17:27][Fighter]Zanatos: greetings and Welcome to Our guild
[04-14 17:27][Fighter]Wodin: Thanks
[04-14 17:28][Fighter]Zanatos: if there is something you need and there's no one else around I'm the guy to come see :) I have plenty of gear and Gold for those who are in our GUild
[04-14 17:35][Fighter]Wodin: Oh thanks Zan
[04-14 17:36][Fighter]Zanatos: your welcome I want you to know that this isn't just a guild its a Family
[04-14 18:01][Fighter]Wodin: Zan, do you happen to have a spare bag?
[04-14 18:10][Fighter]Zanatos: sure
[04-14 18:34][Fighter]Zanatos: no Problem :)
[04-14 19:08][Fighter]Zanatos: no problem we all help echother here
[04-14 19:10][Fighter]NEWS: Wodin is now level 2.
[04-14 19:10][Fighter]NEWS: Wodin is now level 3.
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19:49, Lockday, Roki 7, 175 AD.

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