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[02-17 19:48][Fighter]Icewolfz: stuff dropped on them that is al will be reloaded
[02-17 19:48][Fighter]Icewolfz: so can be used to store autoloading items
[02-17 19:48][Fighter]Icewolfz: part of hte reaon they cost so much
[02-17 19:49][Fighter]Ctrain: oh nice
[02-17 19:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: help ships list info
[02-17 19:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: and differnt options
[02-17 19:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: as yo uhave to hire a crew a well
[02-17 19:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: more crew you have the faster the ship can sail
[02-17 19:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: think sloop is cheapest but schooner i think is fastest
[02-17 19:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: bu you iwll need a way into the ocean as the 19 quest has stuff on the ocean
[02-17 19:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: but a good reaso nto start saving money :P
[02-17 19:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: goblins us eot be a good place ot make money
[02-17 19:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: kill them all sell the gear
[02-17 19:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: the mines might be a good soruce but may or may not kill you i forget how hard they are
[02-17 21:19][Fighter]NEWS: Ctrain is now level 19.
[02-18 00:25][Fighter]NEWS: Ctrain is now level 19.
[02-18 00:26][Fighter]Icewolfz: once more into the breach!
[02-18 22:27][Fighter]NEWS: Ctrain is now level 19.
[02-19 12:33][Fighter]NEWS: Ctrain is now level 19.
[02-19 18:24][Fighter]NEWS: Ctrain is now level 18.
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04:33, Lockday, Sartki 2, 207 AD.

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