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[02-15 21:28][Fighter]Icewolfz: as when you get level 6 you lose rescue
[02-15 21:28][Fighter]Icewolfz: as you advanced to mid tier
[02-15 21:28][Fighter]Ctrain: ah okay lol
[02-15 21:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: but every one has thier own prefs some like to sit at 1 then power up to legend and then spend weeks doing skills/stats
[02-15 21:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: some like to level up and max evreyting each level
[02-15 21:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: some do a mix
[02-15 21:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: also each time you levle you get some stat cap pts to spread around to improve yourself
[02-15 21:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: see help stats
[02-15 21:30][Fighter]Icewolfz: its a flexable system ot try and allow players to customize character to likes
[02-15 21:30][Fighter]Icewolfz: can be a little complex for newbies so if yo uneed help feel free to ask
[02-15 21:38][Fighter]Icewolfz: help fighter combat
[02-16 18:43][Fighter]Icewolfz: isuggest checking every few levels when you max skills
[02-16 18:43][Fighter]Icewolfz: as you raise skills you get access to new abilities to learn
[02-16 18:43][Fighter]Zair: if u need help let me know
[02-16 18:44][Fighter]Icewolfz: jarem teaches al lrank a and rank b+ in core only abilities
[02-16 18:44][Fighter]Icewolfz: you will have to find all the othe rtrainers to learn rank b+ in each skill type
[02-16 18:44][Fighter]Icewolfz: most trainers are are found in siva or kieron but not all some of the mor unique ones are in other places
[02-17 01:48][Fighter]NEWS: Ctrain is now level 5.
[02-17 01:48][Fighter]NEWS: Ctrain is now level 6.
[02-17 01:49][Fighter]NEWS: Ctrain is now level 7.
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00:52, Lockday, Sartki 2, 207 AD.

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