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[01-31 22:43][Fighter]Icewolfz: but i dint pay attention much to the details
[01-31 22:43][Fighter]Brainy: but, Pinky pretty much always predicts the hiccup
[01-31 22:43][Fighter]Icewolfz: which as as id its a theroy why he is the genius
[01-31 22:43][Fighter]Brainy: meaning he could be even smarter than the Brain if he cared to expend himself in those schools of thought
[01-31 22:43][Fighter]Brainy: but the Brain's inventions prove his genius.
[01-31 22:43][Fighter]Brainy: he is after all a mouse
[01-31 22:43][Fighter]Icewolfz: and brain keeps trygni to take over hte world no matte rhow mnay times he fails wiht crazy ideas thus insane
[01-31 22:44][Fighter]Icewolfz: not areally many insane people have some unquie inventions
[01-31 22:44][Fighter]Icewolfz: you could asy being insane is what gives him the ability to make th ideas
[01-31 22:45][Fighter]Icewolfz: plus his ideas does not mean genius
[01-31 22:45][Fighter]Icewolfz: many people have ideas and not all of his ideas are the works of genius
[01-31 22:45][Fighter]Icewolfz: plus you dont hav to be a genius to build stuff he could just be smart
[01-31 22:45][Fighter]Conan: the guy makes robot suits that be controlled by a mouse.
[01-31 22:45][Fighter]Brainy: argumentative, move to strike. :)
[01-31 22:45][Fighter]Conan: he's a genius
[01-31 22:46][Fighter]Icewolfz: or just has access to tech
[01-31 22:46][Fighter]Brainy: genius - exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.
[01-31 22:46][Fighter]Icewolfz: and you dont have to be a genius to build stuff
[01-31 22:46][Fighter]Conan: he used Fibonacci spiral to steer a subarmine to a point because it had a club on the streering wheel.
[01-31 22:47][Fighter]Icewolfz: insanty can do that too
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04:32, Lockday, Sartki 17, 173 AD.

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