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[12-08 20:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: a timeout and a strength based
[12-08 20:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: eg you get say pnnned like 2 to 4 rounds or something
[12-08 20:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: hten you have like 6 to 10 rounds to 'pull free'
[12-08 20:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: during that pull free it would be based on strength
[12-08 20:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: if strong enough they would get out faster
[12-08 20:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: so a dragon would be pinned the 4 to 6 rounds
[12-08 20:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: then due to strength probably break right out
[12-08 20:55][Fighter]Naxan: Sounds legit
[12-08 20:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: but a weak monste rwould probably be stuck the full time
[12-08 20:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: granted gain its just in notes nothing perm
[12-08 20:56][Fighter]Icewolfz: granted there would be other factors
[12-08 20:56][Fighter]Icewolfz: eg arrow quality/materal or such
[12-08 20:56][Fighter]Icewolfz: eg a ada arrow would be hardr to pull free
[12-08 20:57][Fighter]Icewolfz: then say a glass arrow
[12-08 20:57][Fighter]Icewolfz: gatling shot is ismialr ot rapid shot but i probably do multi round like decimate
[12-08 20:57][Fighter]Icewolfz: so your bailsy start shotoign until no arrows let or until the desired time is done
[12-08 20:57][Fighter]Icewolfz: so think of it as a multi rapid shot
[12-08 20:58][Fighter]Icewolfz: youd get maybe 10 to 12 shots a 'round' and it would last like 4 or 5 rounds for a total of like 50 to 60 shots
[12-08 20:58][Fighter]Icewolfz: depnding on if you have that many arrows
[12-08 20:58][Fighter]Icewolfz: granted #s are TBA deepnding on power / balance
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12:38, Vaigday, Kortki 10, 172 AD.

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